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“AROGYA KAVACHA” 108 Emergency service was started in the state of Karnataka on November 1, 2008, by the Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Department under a Private Public Partnership through an MOU signed with GVK EMRI.
The Role and Mission of ‘108’ is to save lives by providing a comprehensive ‘Emergency Response Service’ to those in Medical, Police or Fire emergencies, through a single integrated number - 108. We operate 24 x 7 and 365 days of the year with a fleet of 711 well equipped ambulances. The ambulances are manned by a trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a trained driver (Pilot). This service is available across the length and breadth of Karnataka i.e., all the 30 districts. 
The ambulances are stationed strategically in all districts and talukas across Karnataka so they can reach the incident location within the shortest possible time anywhere in the state. The services are operated through a centralized Emergency Response Center located at Bangalore. At present there is one ambulance for every 85000 populations with a total of 711 ambulances throughout the state.
This service can be utilized by any individual who requires emergency help (Medical, Police, or Fire) irrespective of his economic status, caste, creed, colour, ethnicity, gender, and/or literacy levels. The process of calling for an ambulance is simplified to such an extent that a call to the toll-free number ‘108’ with details of emergency, the number of people involved and the incident location supported with a landmark; would trigger an ambulance dispatch. This is an absolutely FREE SERVICE starting from the phone call till the point of reaching the hospital. 
The medical emergencies can be availed for Accident and Trauma (Vehicular and non vehicular), complaints related to Cardiac, Respiration, Diabetes, pregnancy, Stroke/Convulsions, Suicide attempts, Poisoning cases, Assault/Violence, Animal Attacks, Neonatal, Building Collapse, Fire, Burns, hazardous material ingestion etc. 
From the date of inception till September 2015, 491.15 lakh calls are attended, 42.10 lakh emergencies are attended and out of this 1596724 (41%) pregnant women have utilized the services and 138198 lives are saved.​