​​National Health Schemes

​Several National Health Programme such as the Naitonal Vector Borne Diseases Control, Leprosy Eradication, TB Control, Blindness Control and Iodine Deficiency, Disorder Control  Programmes have come under the umbrella of National Rural Health Mission.

​​State Health Schemes

​​​​​​Rajiv Arogya Bhagya

​​​A new Comprehensive Health Assurance Scheme based on 10% contribution from the APL Family has been formulated so that tertiary care is available to such people. Scheme aims to cover 1.1 crore population. Karnataka will be the first state which will have Universal Health Coverage for tertiary care in the country.

​​​Suchi Programme (Menstrual Hygiene)

​​To promote menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls 13 packets of sanitary napkins containing 10 pads in each packet per year will be provided to 32.50 lakh adolescent girls free of cost.

​​Establishment of Generic Drug stores at Block level

Generic Drugs are 40 to 50% cheaper than branded ones. To reduce out-of-pocket expenditure of the people State Government is opening Generic Drug Stores in all Talukas​

​​​​​​Matching grants for ASHA

Karnataka is providing Matching incentives to ASHAs equivalent to the incentive paid by GOI to encourage them to perform better.

​​​​​​Establishment of Dialysis centers at one Taluka Hospital per District

There is a huge demand for dialysis facilities. It is proposed to establish Dialysis centre for one Taluk Hospital per Districts in addition to already existing Dialysis Centres in all District Hospitals. ​

​​Progress of Health Schemes taken up during 2014-15 from state funds

​​Strengthening of State food labs

To provide proper infrastructure for effective implementation of food safety and standard Act 2006. Rs. 500 Lakhs provision is made.

​​​Free treatment to road accident victims

Under ―Mukhya manthrigala Santhwana Yojane compensation amount of Rs. 25000/- will be given through SuvarnaArogyaSuraksha Trust, to road accident victims admitted to identify hospitals within the ―Golden Hour.

​​​Relaxation of Prasooti Araike& Madilu programme in HPD to extend the benefit to all beneficiaries

By relaxing the existing norms of two child limit and minimum age restriction of 19 years Prasuti Araike and Madilu Kit programme' will be extended to all the beneficiaries, in Bidar, Gulbarga, Koppal, Raichur, Yadgiri, Bellary, Bijapur, Bagalkot, Gadag and Chamarajanagar. Rs. 52 crore is provided for this programme in 2014-15

​​​​​Free Treatment facilities to identified diseases

In recent times, rare diseases such as Haemophilia, Thalassamia, Sick-cell Anaemia and Primary Immuno Deficiency are reported. A Special Unit will be set up in Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore on experimental basis to provide medicines and treatment to patients suffering from these diseases.

​​Aspathre Nairmalya

​​​A new programme "AaspathreNairmalya" was launched to encourage cleanliness of Government Hospitals.

​​Oral Health policy

As a oral health policy, it was proposed to provide free dentures to senior citizens above 60 years belonging to BPL Category. Rs. 2 crore is provided for this purpose.

Sickle Cell Anaemia Programme for tribal people in Chamarajanagar District

Among the several major health problems faced by the Soliga people is Sickle cell disease (SCD).  SCD is a type of genetically inherited anaemias that occurs due to a malformation of an important oxygen-carrying molecule in the blood called Haemoglobin.  While a large portion of the population could be carriers of the sickle cell genetic mutation, a small proportion acquire two sets of the genetic mutation and hence manifest with the sickle cell disease.   SCDresults in severe morbidity and early mortality; affected tribal people have been shown to succumb to sickle cell crises in their youth.​