[See regulation 4, sub-regulation (1) of regulation 5, regulation 6 and sub-regulation (7) of regulation 7]


Sl No​ ​Particulars ​​Built up area at plinth level (in square metre) ​
Upto 60 students61 to 100 students
  Total con​structed area of college building20004000
Administrative Section: Administrative section of the college shall include Principle's Room, Personalv Assistant's Room, Reception, Visitor's lounge, Staff Committee room, Clerks' room, Cash and Accounts section, Record room, Central store and separate toilets for gents and ladies.​

Lecture Halls: There shall be five Lecture halls for sixty students and ten Lecture halls for above sixty one to hundred students, each of eighty square meter area, with proper electricity supply, audio-visual teaching aids, fans/coolers and comfortable sitting arrangement preferably theatre type. Separate toilets for boys and girlsshall be constructed in each floor.


Seminar or Conference or Examination Hall: A large hall with sitting capacity for four hundred to five hundred persons shall be available within the college premises for meetings, seminars, conferences, symposia, examination, counseling etc. The hall shall have adequate electrical and sitting arrangement and audio-visual system facilities


Central Library: A central library shall have seating capacity for at least hundred students, adequate number of shelves or almirahs, sufficient space for keeping stocks, separate reading room for teachers, librarian's room, photocopier or video room computer with printer and internet facility. The library shall have proper light arrangement, fans/coolers, drinking water arrangement and toilet facilities. The library shall have two thousand hundred books of different titles of Ayurveda, modern medicine and allied sciences at the time of first admission of students. The number of books shall increase to five thousand and seven thousand five hundred respectively before the admission of second and third batches of students. The college with existence for five years or more shall have ten thousand books..


Teaching Departments: There shall be fourteen Teaching Departments each with rooms for teachers (twenty five square meter for Professor and Head, twenty square meter for Associate Professors or Readers and fifteen square meter for Assistant Professors or Lecturers), a small departmental library (twenty five square meter), a small office (fifteen square meter), working accommodation for non-teaching staff (fifteen square meter) and a museum or laboratory or dissection shall or tutorial room as per requirement of individual department. Department wise area requirement shall be as under:-

Total 1200 square meter and break up may be as follows:

Total 2400 square meter and break up may be as follows:

 (i)      Samhita Sanskrit and Siddhanta Department plus Departmental library cum tutorial room50100
 (ii)     Rachana Sharir Department plus a well-ventilated Dissection Hall well-ventilated with exhaust fans and preferably air conditioned, a room for students with adequate lockers and wash basins, an embalming room with a storate tank or freezer for four dead bodies and Rachana Sharir museum with optional micro-anatomy laboratory.125250
 (iii)    Kriya Sharir Department plus a well-ventilated Dissession Hall well-ventilated with exhaust fans and preferably an conditioned, a room for students with adequate lockers and wash basins, an embalming room with a storage tank or freezer for four dead bodies and Rachana Sharir museum with optional micro-anatomy laboratory.125100
 (iv) Dravyaguna Department plus Herbarium-cum-Dravyaguna museum and Pmarmacognsoy and Pharacology labs.125250
 (vii)  Swasthavritta and Yoga Department plus Yoga Hall either in college or in the hospital75
 (viii) Agada Tantra evum Vidhi Vaidyak Department plus museum
​(ix)   Kayachikititsa Department​75​50
 ​(x)    Panchakarma Department775
 (xi)   Shalakya Department plus museum cum tutorial room75150
 (xii)  Shalakya Department plus museum cum tutorial room75150

(xiv)Kaumar Bhritya (Balaroga) Department plus museum cum tutorial room

*Note: Working tables of all the laboratories should be of hard stone or stainless steel or there should be arrangement of proper shelves and running water taps in wash basins.

(6)Teaching Pharmacy and Quality Testing Laboratory: The college shall have a teaching pharmacy with proper training facilities for preparation of different types of Ayurveda medicines like Churna, Vati, Guggulu, Asavaarishta, Sneha Kalp, Kshar and Lavana Lauh, Avaleha, 100200
(7)Common Rooms: Separate common rooms one each of fifty square meter area for boys and girls with adequate sitting arrangement shall be available50100
(8)Canteen : canteen facility with sitting arrangemnet for about hundred persons shall be available in the college premises.50100




1. The above indicated subdivided area among various components may vary within + 20% but the total area of an Ayurveda College should be as per the area mentioned at regulation 5.

 capacity of sixty one to hundred students will correspondingly increase keeping in view the total requirement of area as mentioned at regulation 5.