R​ight to Information

​​In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 4(i)(b) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (Central Act No. 22 of 2005), the detailed information relating to the department of Health and Family Welfare is published in Notification  No. HFW 87 R & I 2012 dated 2.5.2012.

Health and Family Welfare Services, AYUSH Department and Drugs Control Department are field departments under the Administrative control of Health and Family Welfare Department. 

​​​Organisation Set up

Sections dealing with transaction of business in the Health and Family Welfare Secretariat to deal with these field departments and institutions are organised as:

Deputy Secretary-I (RTI Appellate Authority)
Under Secretary (Services) (RTI Public Information Officer)
Section Officer (Services-I)
Section Officer (Services-II)
Under Secretary (Health) (RTI Public Information Officer)
Section Officer (Health-I)
Section Officer (Health-II)
Deputy Secretary-II (RTI Appellate Authority)
Under Secretary (Enquiries) (RTI Public Information Officer)
Section Officer (Enquiries)
​Under Secretary (C & R) (RTI Public Information Officer)
Section Officer (C & R)
Section Officer (Family Welfare)
Deputy Secretary-III (RTI Appellate Authority)
Under Secretary (IMD & Coordination) (RTI Public Information Officer)
Section Officer (IMD)
Section Officer (R & I)
Section Officer (Coordination)
​​Internal Finance Advisor [Deputy Secretary]​​​​​ (RTI Appellate Authority)
​​​​​​​​​Section Officer (Budget) (RTI Public Information Officer)
​​Section Officer (Opinion)​
​​Head of Legal Cell (RTI Appellate Authority)
​​Under Secretary (Legal Cell) (RTI Public Information Officer)
Section Officer (Legal Cell)

​Allocation of subjects amongst sections

Services - I/Under Secretary (Services)/Deputy Secretary-I

  • Appointment of General duty medical officers and equalent posts.
  • ​​​Service matters relating to General Duty Medical Officers and Specialities/ Dental Health Officers.
  • Seniority list of General Duty Medical Officers/ Specialities/ Dental Health Officers.
  • ​Post Graduation of In-service Doctors (General Duty Medical Officers/ Dental health Officers).

​​​ Services-II/Under Secretary (Services)/Deputy Secretary-II

  • Service matters and Departmental enquiry against Medical Officers.
  • Departmental Enquiry against all cadres of Medical Officers of Health and Family Welfare Department.
  • Lokayukta cases and trap cases of Medical Officers.
  • Complaints, surprise visits of Lokayukta and actions there on.
  • Connected court matters.

​Health-I/Under Secretary (Health)/Deputy Secretary-I

  • ​Service matters relating to Gazetted and Non-gazetted Technical Posts.
  • Court cases relating to Non-gazetted Technical Posts.
  • And all other General matters pertaining to Health and Family Welfare Dept.
  • Court cases relating to Gazetted and non-gazetted Technical Posts.

​​​​Health-2/Under Secretary (Health)/Deputy Secretary-I

  1. Matters relating to creation of Posts.
  2. Matters relating to construction of Hospitals Buildings and Modifications and Sanction of amount etc.,
  3. Sanction of Clinical facilities to Medical Institutions, Nursing Colleges and Nursing Schools etc.,
  4. Establishment and up-gradation of PHC. 

​C & R/Under Secretary (C & R)/Deputy Secretary-II

  • ​​​Service matters pertains to A.A.O, Principals, Tutors, Staff Nurse, FDC, SDC, Pharmacists, group D and Drivers.
  • Purchase of Drugs etc, Equipments.
  • Related Court Matters.

  ​​​Family Welfare/Under Secretary (C & R)/Deputy Secretary-II

  • ​Service matters pertain to ANMs/LHV
  • Matters pertaining to Family Welfare, HIV/AIDs and RCH Programmes.
  • Service matters pertains to BHEO.
  • Court matters pertains to ANMs/LHV/BHEO

 ​​​​IMD/Under Secretary (IMD & Coordination)/Deputy Secretary-III    

  • ​Service matters pertains to Group-A and B Officers of ISM & H (Ayush Dept) and Drugs Control Department.
  • Establishment of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Homeopathy Hospitals and colleges.
  • Establishment of Government Pharmacy College, Bangalore and Pharmacy Colleges.
  • Grant in aid to Autonomous institutions like Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Kidwai and Indira Gandhi Child Health.

  ​​R & I/Under Secretary (IMD & Coordination)/Deputy Secretary-III

  • ​Receiving Tappals and other Receipts relating to Health and Family Welfare Department, Medical Education and marking them to the concerned section and sending tappals and communication to the other departments of Secretariat and dispatch of tappals by post through G. D.
  • Service matters relating to staff of Health and Family Welfare Secretariat.
  • Conduct of Staff Meeting/ MMR meeting.
  • Supply of Stationary to all sections of Health and Family Welfare Departments and Medical Education Department.

​​Co-ordination/Under Secretary (IMD & Coordination)/Deputy Secretary-III

  • All Co-ordination matters of Health and Family Welfare Department and Medical Education Department.

​​Internal Finance (Opinion)/Internal Finance Advisor

  • ​​Karnataka Civil Services (Time Bound Advancement) Rules, 1983.
  • Karnataka Civil Services (Automatic Grant of Special Promotion to Senior Scale) Rules 1991.
  • Grant of Additional Increment for 20 years of continuous service without promotion.
  • Karnataka Civil Service Rules.
  • Delegation of Powers.

​​​Internal Finance (Budget)/Internal Finance Advisor

  • ​Matters relating to Budget, Budget Manual
  • Karnataka Financial Code.
  • Karnataka Treasury Code.
  • Karnataka Transperency in public procurements Act, 1999 and Rules 2000.
  • Audit paras, C and A. G report, Inspection reports, Annual Plans.

Legal Cell Wing

Issue of authorisation to government advocates/advocate general for all litigations in Lower Courts/High Courts/Supreme Court and assist Health and Family Welfare Department and Medical Education Department in conduct of litigation in courts/advice the administrative department on court litigation matters, scrutiny of parawise remarks, preparation of statement of objections/reply statements.