About ​IGP Vigilance Cell

The Irrigation Vigilance Cell was created vide GO. ¤A.E. 16 MBI 2000, Bangalore, dated 04.04.2000. The Cell is headed by a Senior Police Officer, of the Cadre of Inspector General of Police.

The duties of the Irrigation Vigilance Cell are as follows:

  1. Inspection of the quality of the work executed by the Irrigation Department.
  2. Inspection and review of progress of Works under implementation.
  3. Identification & investigation of misappropriation in purchase of materials and vehicles.
  4. Identification and investigation of irregularities, fraudulent acts and dereliction of duties.
  5. Verify if adequate security has been made for offices, reservoirs and projects.
  6. Investigation of misconduct, misuse, corruption, etc charges against officials of the Irrigation Department.
  7. Any other work assigned by the Government.

The nature of issues referred to the Vigilance Cell for investigation includes the following:

  1. Bad quality of work.
  2. Delay in implementation of work.
  3. Improper supervision by the Engineers.
  4. Delay in land acquisition resulting in delay in execution and completion of works.
  5. Tender procedures as per KTPP Act not followed.
  6. Splitting up of work to bring within one’s sanctioning powers.
  7. Change in classification of Earth work excavation.
  8. Misappropriation.
  9. Improper planning and designing of projects.
  10. Distribution of grants not being on objective basis but discretionary basis.
  11. Defects in investigation, design, specification and preparation of estimates.
  12. Defects in investigation, design, specification and preparation of estimates of Projects under BC soil.​