​​​​​​​KJA Committees

The decision-making process within KJA is mainly through KJA Members-who have collective responsibility, authority and accountability for activities of KJA. KJA has established various internal committees - the KJA Technical Committee considers ideation/proposals and make technical assessments/evaluations and recommend technical/financial actions for consideration by KJA; KJA Management Committee considers all aspects of administration and management related to KJA; KJA Recruitment and Review Committee for addressing all aspects of recruitment/review of KJA Secretariat staff and expert consultants and Member-Secretary, KJA coordinates all activities of KJA, plans and organizes meetings of KJA (under direction of Chairman, KJA), ensures implementation actions for the recommendations/approvals of KJA. 

KJA-Technical Committee (KJA-TC)

KJA will need to consider a large number of proposals-either received from KJA Members or generated through KJA discussions or requirement stated by various Departments of Government or even suo-moto generated by KJA itself-to accomplish its mandate. It is envisaged that each proposal would need to be carefully considered on technical merit, knowledge relevance, innovation and, more importantly, the benefits that can accrue to the state-both short-term based on KJA efforts and long-term by state implementation and other mechanisms. To undertake technical evaluation of the proposals, KJA constituted KJA-Technical Committee on September 2, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Prof. Sadagopan. KJA-TC is empowered to consider all proposals on behalf of KJA and recommend technical/financial approvals or make any recommendations, on behalf of KJA, for further action. Click here for Office Order. ​​

KJA-Management Committee (KJA-MC)

To address management and administrative issues of KJA, KJA-Management Committee was constituted on September 2, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Gayatri Saberwal. The KJA-Management Committee is empowered, on behalf of KJA, to consider all aspects of administration and management-procurements/purchase and out-sourcing, hiring of consultants/research staff/secretarial and support staff on contract basis, performance review of hired staff and recommending hikes, authorizing expenditure, interfacing with KJA Technical Committee and any other administrative matter. Click here for Office Order​.

KJA Committee for Recruitment/Review for KJA Secretariat (KJA-CRR)

To address 'Manpower Plan for KJA Secretariat and Additional Requirements Plan' KJA constituted the said empowered Standing Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. S. Sadagopan. Click here for Office Order.​​