The Karnataka Jnana Aayoga has adopted a holistic approach in its way forward, which aims at:

  • Identifying gaps between the existing system and requirements based on primary and secondary data.
  • Consulting the various stakeholders and ascertaining their expectations.
  • Carrying out surveys and other forms of research in focus and related areas.
  • Submission of reports (quarterly, monthly, half yearly and annually) along with an action plan to the Chief Minister and to various stakeholders.
  • Facilitating policy formulation and institution building.
  • Facilitating implementation of the recommendations.
  • Conducting impact studies after the implementation of the recommendations.

During the first phase, Working Groups, Study Groups and Expert Committees were constituted from time to time to carry out the above listed tasks. In the current phase, Mission Groups, Task Force and Research Committee have been formed to take the mandate forward.