​​​Centre of Excellence for Design and Manufacture of Toys, Woodwork and Bamboo Products​

Prof. Nazeer Ahmed, Member of KJA, suggested establishing a Centre of Excellence for the Design and Manufacture of Toys, Woodwork and Bamboo Products in Karnataka-around a college/university in the Ramanagara-Mysore corridor which is a traditional hub for toy manufacture, silk, woodwork and bamboo products and provides jobs to thousands of artisans in small scale industries operating what is essentially a stratified retail market bereft of innovation and knowledge based design. The proposed Design Centre will help scale up the design  and manufacture of these products so that they can successfully compete in the emerging market place.  The proposal addresses the gap between international market need and our design and manufacture capabilities in the traditional sectors of toy manufacture, woodwork and bamboo products. The need to close this gap is pressing as India opens its doors to international retail competition.

KJA, in its Second meeting held on September 22, 2014, considered the proposal and endorsed the idea of setting up a Centre of Excellence and suggested 'anchoring' the proposal within some institution-University or GoK department or others. KJA suggested exploring the interest and potentiality of Mysore University to anchor the Centre of Excellence.

Further Actions

  • A request letter was sent to Mysore University to discuss the proposal with Prof. Nazeer Ahmed to explore the willingness of the university to anchor the centre
  • Vice-Chancellor, Mysore University, along with select few faculty members of the university, held a meeting with Prof. Ahmed and agreed to anchor the Centre of Excellence.  Mysore University agreed to send a detailed proposal as desired by KJA.