​​The Context

Karnataka is emerging as a Knowledge State in the country and needs to take on the 21st century global challenges in terms of innovation, conservation of heritage, generation of new knowledge, application of knowledge in every sphere of life, skill development, enhancement of competencies, creation of better human capital to create new knowledge economy besides creation of more humane society. Keeping in line with the setting up of National Knowledge Commission at the centre, the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (Karnataka Knowledge Commission) was constituted in 2008 under the guidance and chairmanship of renowned space scientists Dr. K. Kasturirangan. Recognizing the important role to be played by the commission in making  Karnataka a Knowledge Society, the present government reconstituted the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga vide Government Order No. ED 462 URC 2013 Bangalore, dated December 28, 2013 for a three-year term under the Chairmanship of Dr. K. Kasturirangan.