KJA Task Group for preparing Vision and Plan for Usage of Big Data in Governance 

Today the world is seeing the advent of the "Big Data" technology - every action of citizens, society, indust​ries and governments are based on digital technology and thus have become amenable to digital capture and (then) its storage. Society, organizations and governments collect "voluminous" data from a variety of sources, including business transactions, social media, e-governance, public services and information that are "sensed" or "recorded" without any human interventions automatically. Data streams in at rapid "velocity" – with unprecedented recurrence in near real-time of acquisition with an instant time-stamp and transferred at high speeds – making data in instantaneous time-domain. 

In a vanguard position, Karnataka can assess all the existing technological and analytical capacity to leverage Big Data for smart Governance – allow for more onus to be placed on data analysis and interpretation and making informed, effective, evidence-based decisions from data. Karnataka has major programmes in financial inclusion, e-gov services, Khajane, departmental development data, sakala, municipal databases, property records, Bhoomi data, crop insurance data, education data, transportation data, government schemes data and many other large datasets. In conjunction with national and global data, a "Big Data" gets configured that is a great asset to the government – which, if properly utilized, can be of tremendous aid to policy making and governance and can be of immense benefit to citizens.

KJA has discussed on the importance of Big Data and has recognized that Karnataka, which has led the IT revolution in the country, should also lead in the era of Big Data and show how the nation – Governance; industries; academia and the citizens can benefit from the potential usage of Big Data concepts.

For developing a Vision and Plan for Big Data Usage in Governance, KJA constituted a Task Group of experts/specialists on March 2, 2018.  Click here for the Office Order​​​​

The Task Group has the following membership: 


Prof. Pulak Ghosh, Member, KJA

- Co-Chair
2Mr. S.V Ranganath, Former CS/Vice Chair, KSHEC 
- Co-Chair
3Dr BN Suresh, Member, KJA/ISRO Vikram Sarabhai Prof
- Member
4Prof S Sadagopan, Director, IIIT-B/Member, KJA
- Member
5Dr. Mukund Rao, Member Secretary, KJA
- Member
6Mr. Mohandas Pai, Member, KJA
- Member
7Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, CEO, NISG
- Member
8Prof. Shawn Cole, Harvard Business School (Online Participation)
- Member
9Prof. Bhuvanesh Pareek, Faculty, IIM-Indore
- Member
10Additional Chief Secretary, E-Gov Department, GoK
- Member
11Principal Secretary, IT/BT Department, GoK         
- Member
12Additional Chief Secretary, Planning Department, GoK
- Member​
13Mr M Jayachandran, Technical Officer, KSRSAC
- Member​-Secretary
14Ms Rashmi Raj, SRA, KJA

For further information please contact Member Secretary, KJA at mukund.k.rao@gmail.com