KJA-Research Initiative

Preparing (3-year Graduate) Students for Research Training


Malnad Progressive Education Society (MPES), Honavar submitted a unique proposal to KJA for "Preparing (3-year Graduate) Students for Research Training" and proposed a pilot study on making students take up project training on environmental Pollutants in the Konkan belt.

KJA, in its 3rd Meeting held on January 31, 2015 noted that the proposal aims to provide research/project experience to undergraduate students by exposing them to first-hand experience in implementing projects in the field – in terms of skills at observation, data collection, database collation, data analysis, instrument handling and using basic analytics software skills and report writing. The proposal linked Faculty and Students in MPES for an environmental assessment project and involve graduate-students to observe environmental issues of land/water/air quality, make measurements of pollution with instruments and create a database and undertake analysis. MPES proposed that such an activity would provide students an experience of "doing projects" and expose them to "researching" at a basic level.

The outcome of the project was to engage 3 batches of graduating students to undertake project work and ultimately write reports AND also to obtain a "experience report" from MPES of implementing such a concept in under-graduate courses.

After a detailed evaluation and assessment through specialist committees, KJA sanctioned the project to MPES in January, 2016 for a period of two years.

KJA also conditioned MPES that a KJA Monitoring and Guidance Committee (MGC) would formally guide the MPES team for implementing the project, regularly review the progress and ensure that the deliverables expected by KJA are provided by MPES. The MGC includes experts:  Click here for the Office Order

  • Dr. Gayatri Saberwal, Member, KJA                                         -              Co-Chair
  • Prof. M R S Rao, Member, KJA                                                 -              Co-Chair
  • Prof. G Padmanabhan, Member, KJA                                       -              Member
  • Representative of Higher Education Department, GOK           -              Member
  • Mr. Ashok Kumar K S, Admin/Finance Executive, KJA              -              Member
  • Dr. Shrikanth Hegde, Nominee of President, MPES                 -              Focal Point at MPES​

The project is on-going and has been reviewed and assessed by KJA-MGC in three meetings – one on August 26, 2016; second on January 25, 2017 and third on-site review of project progress on February 28, 2017.

In 7th KJA Meeting held on September 7, 2017, KJA also reviewed the progress of the project.

MPES has submitted draft Project Closure Report to KJA​.

For further information please contact Member Secretary, KJA at mukund.k.rao@gmail.com ​ ​