On March 18, 2016 KJA formally submitted its recommendations on "Karnataka Sports Policy"!!!

Dr K Kasturirangan, Chairman, KJA formally presented the Karnataka Sports Policy report to Mr Abhaychandra, Honourable Minister for Youth Empowerment and Sports and briefed him of the salient points of the long-term Sports Policy vision.

The vision of the proposed Karnataka Sports Policy is: "To create an enabling, inclusive and dynamic environment for sports in Karnataka that enables and empowers the people of Karnataka to experience and benefit from a strong sports culture, and facilitates the creation of a self-sustaining sports eco-system that makes sport affordable, enjoyable and sustainable for all who wish to play and equally for those who wish to improve and thereby excel at sport."

KJA, in its 5th meeting held on February 11, 2016, formally approved the Sports Policy draft that was prepared in an expert Task Group co-chaired by Mr. Prakash Padukone – eminent badminton player; Mr. Rahul Dravid – eminent cricket player, both of whom are Members of KJA. The Task Group had important contributions from Ms Ashwini Nachappa, Ms Reeth Abraham – both renowned athletes and many other experts. Mr Nandan Kamath – a sports law and policy expert was Member Secretary of the Task Group. The Task group was anchored under the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports and the department Principal Secretary and his team have provided valuable inputs and support to the Task Group efforts. The KJA formally discussed the Sports Policy proposed by the Task Group and endorsed the recommendations – which now have been formally submitted to government.

After the submission, Hon'ble Minister for Youth Empowerment and Sports AND the Principal Secretary, Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports have both assured KJA that the proposed Policy will be taken up for implementation within the Government.

To access the Karnataka Sports Policy recommendation, please click here.

For further details, please contact Member-Secretary, KJA