Government of India has included the state of Karnataka for participating in the Hydrology Project Phase–II.  The project became effective from 5th April 2006 and has ended on 31.05.2014.

The overall project development objective is to extend and promote the sustained and effective use of Hydrological Information System by all potential users concerned with water resources planning and management thereby contributing to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness of water related investments. 


          In order to achieve the above objective Decision Support System was proposed to be developed for each state by appointing central consultant. NIH on behalf of all the states appointed DHI Denmark to develop  Decision Support System. 
           The Pilot basin selected  for study was Tungabhadra left bank canal for conjunctive use of surface & Ground water under Surface water Component & Palar basin for Drought management under Karnataka Ground water component  . DSS was developed by using MIKE Basin Software. Tungabhadra Command Area. The issues identified for DSS development are:

  • Improper distribution of water
  • Upper reaches taking more water than required
  • Tail enders not getting sufficient water
  • Water logging and salinity in upper reaches.

Since all the data required for Decision support system were not available with project authorities such as ,Seepage rate ,daily demand for each sub catchment, Distributary wise daily releases, quantum of ground water usage etc, these details had to be assumed .Hence instead of full catchment ,Distributaries  no. D25 & D54 were studied . The results indicate that for the D25 Distributary, 50-55% of available groundwater can be extracted safely which is about 1.06 – 1.17 TMC/year without exceeding the depth to deep groundwater. For the D54 Distributary, 3.10 TMC/year of groundwater can be extracted safely. And also for whole LBC command 15-20% of available groundwater can be safely extracted which amount to about 27-36TMC.

         Decision Support System did not require any financial expenditure since the Consultants were finalized centrally  by N.I.H , Roorkee and payments released by N.I.H under their component.