The Hydrology Project Phase - I was taken up with World Bank Assistance and the project became effective in Karnataka State on 10.12.1996. The project was implemented over a period of seven years and ended on 31.12.2003.

The object of this project was to set up a well-designed network in the country for collection of Hydrological and Hydro meteorological data both for Surface Water and Ground Water, in respect of quality and quantity.

The Technical assistance for this project was funded by the Govt., of Netherlands and the consultancy was provided by DHV Consultants.

The works programmed for the entire project as per the World Bank approved staff appraisal report was implemented during the project period. The physical progress achieved under the project is as under. 

Sl.NoDescription Quantity/Numbers
1Construction of Surface Water Data Centre Building at Bangalore01 
2Construction of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Bagalkote01 
3Procurement of Integrated Bathymetric Equipments for reservoir sedimentation survey & provided to KERS Mysore01 
4Upgrading existing Standard Raingauge Stations (ORG)170 
5Upgrading existing Autographic Raingauge Stations (SRRG) 57 
6Upgrading eleven existing Full Climatic Stations (FCS) 11 
7Establishing three new Full Climatic Stations (FCS) 03 
8Upgrading existing Gauge Discharge (GD) stations27 
9Establishing new GD stations 13 
10Construction of Level - II Water Quality laboratories at KERS and Munirabad 02 
11Construction of Water Quality Level - I laboratory at river gauge sites 12 
12Procurement of vehicles for Gauging and Investigation offices of WRDO 40 
13Construction of Sediment Analysis labs 05 
14Construction of Residential Quarters at river gauge sites 16 
15Construction of site stores at river gauge sites 18 
16Procurement of Computer packages for State Data center 02 
17Procurement of Computer packages for Divisional and Sub-Divisional Data Processing Centres 17 
18Study of Regenerated flows at lokapavani 01 

Institutional Strengthening by imparting training to field observers, Supervisors and Officers (no. of trainings)

The Hydrology Project - I.. has thus helped the Department in creation of permanent assets for water resources department and helped in better collection of quality data, its computerization in SWDES software, its processing and for final storage. This Data is being disseminated to potential users for better water resources planning and management.