​​The Registration Act (Central Act No XVI OF 1908)

Registration Act of presenting wills and authorities to adopt

40. Person entitled to present wills and authorities to adopt. -(1) The testor, or after his death, any person claiming as executor or otherwise under a will, may present it to any Registrar or Sub-Registrar for registration.

(2) The donor, or after his death the donee, of any authority to adopt, or the adoptive son, may present it to any Registrar or Sub-Registrar for Registrar for Registration.

41. Registration of Wills and authorities to adopt. - (1) A will or an authority to adopt, presented for registration by the testator or donor, may be registered in the same manner as any other document.

(2) A will or authority to adopt presented for registration by any other person entitled to present it shall be registered if the registering officer is satisfied.

(a) that the will or authority was executed by the testator or donor, as the case may be;

(b) that the testator or donor is dead; and

(c) that the person presenting the will or authority is, under section 40, entitled to present the same.

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