The Projects/Schemes implemented by the Federation:

  1. A pilot project ‘Integrated Reservoirs Fisheries Development’ sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka with the assistance of National Co-operative Development Corporation(NCDC), New Delhi with the project cost of  ` 473.88 lakhs was implemented from 1989-90 to 1997-98 in the districts of Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Mandya, and Hassan districts and incurred an expenditure of ` 428.39 lakhs. Under this project, fish seed hatcheries at Gundal in Kollegal taluk and at Bidarahally in H.D. Kote taluk was constructed and ponds were renovated at Kabini fish seed farm in H.D. Kote taluk.  125 no. of tanks and reservoirs were developed by stocking quality fish seeds through their member co-operative societies and increased the fish production level from 5000 metric tons to 8000 metric tons in Mysore district, and also increased the fish production level in Mandy and Hassan districts. 4,950 nos. of fishermen through 69 nos. of societies were assisted in providing fisheries requisites and equipments, 52 nos. of retail Fish marketing stalls (KIOSKS) were installed, 30 nos. of members societies were provided with fish handling shed and other requisite facilities and also imparted training to the fishermen members and office bearers of the primary Fishermen co-operative societies. Thereby, strengthened the primary Fishermen co-operative societies and improved the socio economic condition of the fishermen through better fish production in tanks and reservoirs developed under this project. Karnataka   Co-operative Fisheries Federation(Ltd.), Mysore while implementing this project played a key role and brought awareness among unorganized fisher folk as a result of which many societies have been organized and now getting the benefits from the Department of Fisheries and Federation.
  2. HUDCO assisted Matsyashraya  Scheme:

    The Department of Fisheries, Government of Karnataka was entrusted the Federation the task of constructing and providing houses to fishermen beneficiaries who are houseless and having sites under 1st and 2nd phase of this scheme. Accordingly, the Government of Karnataka had released ` 721.792 lakhs to provide 2411 houses to fishermen under this programme. The Federation had successfully implemented this programme from 2005-06 to 2007-08.
  3. Central Sector Scheme-Strengthening Infrastructure for Inland Fish Marketing:

    This scheme was implemented from 1993-94 to 1996-97 with the project cost of ` 139.00 lakhs sanctioned by the Government of India.  Under this scheme, the Ice plants at Mysore, Raichur and Haveri town with the production capacity of 6 tons each per day was constructed, two TATA 407 vehicles for fish marketing purpose was purchased, 16 nos. of KIOSKS was established and 90 nos. of bicycles and crates were provided to fisher folk beneficiaries.  
  4. NCDC Aided 2nd Phase Project:

    Government of Karnataka has sanctioned to the Federation the 2nd phase of NCDC assisted ‘‘Integrated Inland Fisheries Development Project’’.  The project is being implemented in six districts i.e., Shimoga, Davanagere, Haveri, Dharwad, Raichur and Bellary with the project cost of ` 13.40 crores to take up these programmes viz., construction of hatcheries at Bhadra Project, to develop 308 tanks by stocking 383 lakhs fish fingerlings through member societies and to assist 6170 fisherman to provide fishing inputs and also to assist 245 men and 870 women to take up marketing through installing retail fish outlets and mobile kiosks and to establish Ice plants and cold storage etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A sum of ` 254.42 lakhs has been released under the project as at the end of 31-03-2009 and incurred an expenditure of ` 248.099 lakhs with the physical achievements attained
    1. Fish seed production farm was constructed at Bhadra project (6.70 ha.)
    2. 252 nos. of fishermen were provided with fishing equipments
    3. 35 nos. of persons were provided with bicycles and insulated boxes as under:
    4. 19 nos. of kiosks installed under this project.
  5. Centrally sponsored scheme ‘‘Post Harvest Technology-Development of Infrastructure for Fish Marketing’’:

                The Government of India has accorded sanction for ` 75.22 lakhs to implement this scheme. So, for an expenditure of ` 61.72 lakhs has been incurred to purchase of deep freezers, stabilizers, electronic weighing machines, TATA 407 vehicle, insulated boxes and setting up of kiosks in order to strengthen the marketing network of the Federation and as well provided insulated boxes to the fisher folk to take up marketing of fish in hygienic conditions.
  6. Development of fisheries in tanks/reservoirs under NFDB programmes:

    The Government of Karnataka has provided a fund of ` 225.69 lakhs under NFDB programmes to develop tanks and reservoirs fisheries.  12 no. of tanks/reservoirs with the water spread area of 3,702 ha. Were developed by stocking 43.08 lakhs of advance fingerlings by the Federation and 6 reservoirs were developed by stocking 72.89 lakhs of advanced fingerlings through the Department of Fisheries and incurred total expenditure of ` 156.85 lakhs apart from imparting training to the fishermen. The scheme envisages increasing per hectare yield to boost of fish production.
  7. ‘‘Rashtriya krishi Vikas Yojane’’:

    There is a proposal to take up renovation work at Kabini fish seed farm in H.D.Kote Taluk with the estimated cost of Rs. 30.00 lakhs under this scheme. The Federation is awaiting sanction orders, funds and mode of implementation from the Department of Fisheries. Probably, the scheme will be proposed to be implemented before the end of financial year 2010 wherein much of the rearing ponds will be got repaired and put to use to step up fish seed production.
  8. ‘‘Mastya Mahila Swavalambana Yojane’’:

    The Government of Karnataka has released Rs. 100.00 lakhs under MMSY to provide revolving fund to self help groups of Fisher women who are actively engaged in fisheries activities and to other fisherwomen who take up fish marketing and other fisheries related activities in order to get employment.  The Federation has provided revolving fund to 200 self help groups (SHG) under this scheme.
  9. Rashtriya Krushi Vikasa Yojana:- (RKVY) Strengthening Inland fish marketing infrastructure

         Government of Karnataka has sanctioned Rs.75.00 lakhs during the year 2010-11 vide their order No: AHF/210/FSH/2010, Bangalore dated:  17-03-2011 under the captioned scheme and the department of Fisheries entrusted KSCFF ltd., Mysore to implement the programme and released  Rs. 75.00 lakhs to the federation in the phased manner for establishing Retail Fish Outlet (Kiosks) at the unit cost of Rs.3.00 lakhs per each. Accordingly, 25 Kiosks are established in Mysore, Banglore, Ramanagar Hassan and Kodagu districts.  
  10. Share Capital to Federation:

       Government of Karnataka has sanctioned and released Rs.90.00 lakhs as Share Capital to KSCFF ltd., Mysore vide their order No: AHF/51/FSH/2012, Bangalore dated: 18-02-2012 and 14-03-2013 respectively to pass on to the to its member fishermen co-operative societies to implement as share capital loan to their fishermen members at 3% interest for enabling to take up fisheries activity. Accordingly, 146 member fishermen co-operative societies were assisted under the scheme. 
  11. N.F.D.B assistance:- “Construction and modernization of pre-processing and marketing facilities at Mysore”

       The National Fisheries Development Board Hyderabad, has sanctioned the captioned project to KSCFF ltd., Mysore during the year 2011-12 for the total project cost of Rs.235.83 lakhs out of which Rs.207.47 lakhs being the 90% grant of NFDB and 10% grant of Rs.23.00 lakhs from the department of Fisheries.

                      The utilization of sanctioned amount along with the component wise physical and financial progress reports are furnished here under-

Sl. No


Cost                  (Rs. Lakhs)

Financial expenditure  (Rs. Lakhs)


Building proper

service charges










Water supply, rain water harvesting and sanitary arrangements



Effluent treatment system






Installed 125KVA Generator instead of 100KVA

(Backup source for power)





Chill rooms






Cold Store



Renovation of block lce Plant, installation of new compressor, Evaporative condenser and other refrigeration and related equipments including installation





Vehicles-TATA 407, Bolero Pick up Van




Contingencies (3%)







               The project has been completed by incurring an expenditure of Rs.246.83

         lakhs and commissioned during the year 2015.

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