R and D

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​​​​​R & D​

Research & Development 

Karnataka State Seeds Corporation believes that R & D is the need of the time and key to produce competitive products to sustain market leadership in seed industry. The farmers’ wish list for seeds is mainly attributed to seed quality and new innovative products. KSSC being the major supplier of quality seeds to the state farmers under public sector has the responsibility of providing innovative varietal and hybrid products. The main aim is to broaden the scope of choice of public bred improved hybrids /varieties to the farmer and also to compete with seed industry in supplying quality hybrids and varieties in field crops and vegetables. The R & D wing of KSSC is VRDC (Varietal Research & Development Center) based at Dharwad, Karnataka ,India.

Varietal Research & Development Center  (VRDC)​

The Varietal Research & Development Center (VRDC) was established in 2006 at Dharwad under the R & D policy of Karnataka State Seeds Corporation. The main aim is to carry out independent research in crop improvement with major focus on developing commercial Hybrids in Maize, Cotton, Sunflower and Pearl millet crops.

    VRDC also works in collaboration and support with state and central run institutes engaged in seed research. In that context VRDC is a recognized institute for R & D activities by Karnataka state agriculture universities. It is also recognized as varietal/hybrid testing center by ICAR institutes like Directorate of Maize Research and CICR,Nagpur and international institutes like ICRISAT and CIMMYT, Hyderabad. The VRDC is recognized by DSIR to conduct independent research in crop improvement.​