Facilities at KSSRDI


The Institute has a good library facility with a huge collection of published literature on sericulture in the country in general and Karnataka in particular. The library has more than 1500 books and 30 journals/periodicals. In addition, newsletters, reports, pamphlets are also being added every year. The library has computer and photocopying facilities for the user. The scientists of the Institute have published research papers, review papers and technical articles in almost all the National and International scientific journals pertaining to sericulture. Apart from this, a large number of research articles, technical brochure on all the technologies developed and books have been published both in Kannada and English. So far, over 100 extension brochure and booklets have been published.


Hostel facilities for the trainees and visitors are provided at nominal tariff towards contribution to human Research and Development. Further, over 30% of the staff is provided with residential quarters in the campus to facilitate easy accessibility to the work spot.


Human Research and Developmentis taken up by organising need based training programmes covering the staff of the Department of Sericulture and students at various levels of the Colleges and Universities. The scientists also serve as resource persons and examiners for the Training schools, Institutions, Colleges and Universities. The Institute also has Ph.D programme with its scientists as guides and examiners.


The Institute has an established sericulture museum depicting an overview of sericulture industry of the country in general and Karnataka in particular. All the research contributions and technologies developed by the Institute are displayed for the visitors and get updated information on recent advances in sericulture research.