Silk Technology


The ultimate product in Sericulture industry is the SILK which is extracted from the silkworm cocoons by subjecting them to skilled and technical process developed in post cocoon research. These are covered under silk reeling, re-reeling, throwing, weaving and chemical processing aspects.

Silk Technology Division Sections

1. Silk Reeling & Fabric Improvement
2. Silk Processing.

Silk Reeling and Fibre improvement:

Research on improvement of reeling process has increased the quality and productivity of silk resulting in development of technologies viz., partial hot air drying of cocoons, cocoon conditioning, management of croissure length, optimum reeling, re-reeling speed etc.. A few devices called vacuum cocoon boiling equipment, stainless steel buttons have also been developed to optimize the output of raw silk./p>

Reeling water plays a prominent role on the quality of raw silk process parameters. After standardizing the water quality required for reeling of Indian silk, more than10,000 water samples from all over the reeling areas of Karnataka have been tested and given suitable guidance for its corrections.

Research on silk throwing & weaving resulted in evolving technologies like; Process optimization for production of Crepes, Chiffons, Georgette and Taffeta fabrics, Standardization of yarn quality for production of export quality fabrics, Design and development of warping creels, heat setting chambers for setting twisted yarn and sizing of raw silk yarn.

Chemical Processing:

Research on chemical processing paved way for evolving technologies for standardization of optimum degumming process, unconventional eco-friendly degumming, application of natural colours, food colours, storage effect of chemicals, water treatment for wet processing, use of bio-mordents, unconventional thickeners, microbial thickeners, antimicrobial finisher, water repellent finishes and Herbal wash of silk.