B R Hills for Hill amelioration

This centre was established at Government Silk Farm during 1982 for the maintenance of selected silkworm germplasm stocks of the Institute and presently 14 multivoltine and 18 bivoltine races are being maintained. One hybrid combination namely, PM x C110 evolved by the institute has been authorised by the Hybrid Authorisation Committee (CSB) for rain fed area of Chamarajnagar and parts of Mysore area.

Melinakuruvalli for Malnad Region

It is situated in high rainfall track and was established in the year 1985. Mandate is to evaluate new mulberry varieties and silkworm races developed in the Institute.

Kadaganchi for Semi arid Zone

Kadaganchi is situated in the semiarid zone of Karnataka, established in the year 1987, is involved in evaluation of mulberry varieties and silkworms races for their suitability in semiarid tracks.

OOTY (Tamil Nadu) for Hill amelioration temperate climate

The Ooty represents a high altitude temperate area and established in 1982 for the purpose collecting and maintaining exotic bivoltine/univoltine races. Presently,38 germplasm races are being maintained, of which two silkworm races having high shell ratio (CM3OP and Tokai) which are being used for breeding.