About Us

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Bellary District Sub Regional Science Centre aims at providing an experiment based learning ambience to ignite a spirit of inquiry, foster creative talent and create scientific temper in the community as a whole. The centre is characterized by its two-pronged channel of communication - exhibits & activities. While the exhibits, both indoor and outdoor, are mostly interactive, the demonstrations and training programmes are fully participatory and help children and the adults alike to learn the basics of science through fun and enjoyment.


  • To portray the growth of Science and Technology and their application in Industry and human welfare
  • To popularize science and technology for the benefit of students and common man of the region
  • ​To supplement science education given in schools and colleges and to organize various out-of-school educational activities.
  • To organize training programmes through workshops for science teachers / students / young entrepreneurs / technicians / physically challenged / housewives and others on specific subjects of science, technology and Industry.  ​