Kalpana Chawla Planetarium

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The planetarium  accommodates nearly 50 persons and equipped with high resolution projector is a main draw for the visitors. This will attract their minds to space travel and astronomy. Regular recorded shows​ on ' Chandamama ' ( About shapes of moon and related festivals ), 'Journey to wonder lands' ( About various earlier space machines), 'Galileos space' ( About history of science ), 'Two small pieces of glass' ( The impact of telescope and science ) are played both in English and kannada. These shows are of the duration 20 – 45 minutes.


Flex display of solar system and galaxies and models of space technology like Rocketary, Satellites in the astronomy zone attract and educate the young minds. C​elestron NEXSTAR SE Astronomical telescope is used for star gazing which is an interesting activity. Using this powerful, hi-tech and sophisticated telescope with computerised hand control, objects in the sky can be accurately pointed out.

​'Portable planetarium unit' which can be taken even to the remote village of the district in our mobile science exhibition van, provides an opportunity to the rural section of the society to know about the mysteries of the universe in these interesting shows.