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 1.     Scientists Busts : On either side of the main entrance, you find the busts of stalwart scientists, Engineers, Astronomers and Philosophers whose selfless efforts and significant contributions to science have enriched our lives.

 2.     Science Park : It is a cluster of open air science gadgets which are meant for play way learning of science. Science Park is an innovative concept of learning science in an informal way. The basic concept lies on the tendency of the children to play and play and enjoy learning more than reading. Our science centre has an interesting gadget which attracts young and old alike.  

 3.     Mobile Science Exhibition Van : One of the important activities of the science centre is to take science to the common man. The students from remote rural areas are generally deprived of opportunities to witness any kind of science activities. In this regard our mobile science exhibition unit plays an important role. The van with nearly 15 exhibits goes to remote villages and small towns of the district for creating scientific awareness. Portable planetarium unit, science related films are taken to these places. 

 4.     Evolution Park : A walkthrough in the Evolution Park is a unique experience. As you walk down watching the models in different groups pertaining to different periods you certainly feel that you have been taken to your ape like ancestors. A recorded commentary both in Kannada and English is played which narrate human Evolution through the ages. Totally 9 model groups are erected which corresponds to the period ranging from 'The Earth is Born and Life Begins ' to ' Birth of Civilization and Political Organization' 

 5.     Animal Safari : You have an interesting and exciting experience in our Animal Safari. This is the safari with difference. The wild animals and Dinosaurs will not harm you but make the scene thrilling by staring at you and making natural sounds. The models of the rare species which are extinct- like Sabre tooth Tiger, Mammoth, T-Rex (a giant Dinosaur), Titanoboa (monster snake) will be an added attraction. Then meet our live Emu Birds, Turkey Hens and Rabbits. Don't get too close to our Emu- Bakasura and Turkey Hen- Surpanakha. The exhaustive information about these animals and birds are available (including scientific classification) on display boards.

 6.     Kids Play Zone : The visitors can have an evening out with their kids at our child friendly play zone. This arena consists of interesting items like slide combo, junior sea saw and slide swings.

 7.     Theatre & Restaurants : Our campus has a stage with circular stepped seating arrangement to conduct science dramas which can highlight the importance of health, literacy, pollution free atmosphere and also cultural events which includes conduct of competitions among students to encourage participation. The campus also houses canteens including omni bus restaurant at affordable prices.  ​​