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​​​Organisation Structure

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"Government strives hard to provide justice - social, economic and political, through the process of Rule of Law.  Maintenance of Rule of Law is of paramount importance in a democratic set up.  The Law Department assists the justice delivery system in divergent ways.  It takes care of the Government litigation, besides advising various Secretariat Departments on a variety of legal problems arising in the course of governance.  It also endeavours to see that the action of the Government is defended before various adjudicatory bodies and courts at all levels."

Organisation setup of the Law Department consists of the following divisions:

1) Administration

2) Litigation

3) Opinion

4) Cauvery Water Dispute Cell

Cadre Strength:

The cadre strength of the Officers functioning in the Department of Law is as follows:

1. Secretary to Government One

2. Additional Secretary (Opinion) One

3. Additional Secretaries (Litigation Wing) Three

4. Additional Secretary (Cauvery Water Dispute Cell) One (Vacant)

5. Deputy Secretary (Administration) One

6. Solicitor and Ex-Officio Deputy Secretary One

7. Deputy Secretary, Cauvery Water Dispute Cell One

8. Additional Solicitors and Ex-Officio Dy. Secretaries Two (One vacant)

9. Deputy Secretaries (Opinion) Four (One vacant)

10. Assistant Solicitors and Ex-Officio-Under Secretary Two (One vacant)

11. Under Secretaries (Administration) Two

12. Section Officers Nine


The posts of Law Secretary, one Additional Solicitor and Ex-Oficio Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary (Administration), Under Secretary (Administration-I), Under Secretary (Administration-II), and all the nine Section Officers in the Department of Law belong to the Karnataka Government Secretariat Service and other officers belong to the Karnataka Judicial Service.

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