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(Former Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh and

Chairperson of Karnataka State Human Rights Commission)

Date and Place of Birth

01-01-1945 in Naadumaskeri Village, Kumta Taluk, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka State in an Agriculturist & Freedom Fighters' Family.


Late Smt. Nagamma Rama Nayak and Late Sri. Rama Ranga Nayak

Educational Qualifications

i.     B.Sc from Mysore University.​

ii.   B.G.L., LL.B., and LLM (Industrial Law & Administrative Law) from Bangalore University. Throughout his educational career, he secured ranks, medals, scholarships etc.

Date of enrollment as Advocate & positions held till his elevation as Judge of High Court
  • Enrolled as an Advocate on the roll of Karnataka State Bar Council on 1st March, 1974 and mainly practiced in High Court of Karnataka till his elevation to the Bench of High Court of Karnataka as a Judge w.e.f. 25th February, 1994. He was junior colleague of late Sri. M. Gopalkrishna Shetty, Former Chairman of Bar Council of Karnataka and later junior colleague of late Sri. L.G. Havanur, Senior Advocate and Chairman of the First Karnataka Backward Classes Commission.      ​
  • During this period he also served as Part-time Professor of Law in BMS College of Law and SLSRC Havanur College of Law, Bangalore.

  • He also served as Director-Secretary of Socio-Legal Services & Research Centre (registered), Bangalore, between 1979 and 1994.

  • He also served as the President of the Association of GPF Employees, Karnataka Region, Bangalore.

  • He also served as a Member of Executive Committee of the Advocates Association, Bangalore.
Details as a Judge and the Chief Justice of High Court

i.      He was elevated to the Bench of Karnataka High Court as a Judge and he assumed the office on 25th February, 1994.  Later, he was transferred to Andhra Pradesh High Court.​

ii.    He assumed the office of the Judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court on 21/03/1994 and served there as a Judge till 01/01/2003.

iii.    During this period, he also served as Director and President of the Andhra Pradesh Judicial Academy.

iv.    He was re-transferred to Karnataka High Court where he assumed the office on 02/01/2003 and worked till 16/11/2005. During this period he also served as the Acting Chief Justice of Karnataka.

v.    He was elevated as the Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh and he assumed the office there on 17/11/2005 and retired as the Chief Justice w.e.f. 01-01-2007. During this period, he also served as the Chancellor of Justice Hidayutullah National Law University, Raipur.

vi.    As a Judge and Chief Justice of High Courts in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh States, he handed down more than 4000 reported judgments in various Law Journals.

As a Chairperson of Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, Bangalore.

       After his retirement as the Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh, he was appointed as the Founder Chairperson of Karnataka State Human Rights Commission and he assumed the said office on 25th July, 2007 and he demitted office on 25/07/2012 on completion of five years tenure.

As the Chairman of Law Commission of Karnataka, Bangalore.

        He was appointed as the Chairman of the Law Commission of Karnataka and he assumed the office of the Chairman on 27th June, 2014.

       The Law Commission of Karnataka under the chairmanship of His Lordship has prepared number of Reports on various subjects of general importance and present day relevance such as Ombudsman Institution in Karnataka, Prevention of Evil, Inhuman and Superstitious Practices, Regulating and Discouraging Luxurious Marriages, Streamlining and Regulating Delegated Legislation in Karnataka, Extending Human Rights and Fundamental Rights to Transgender Persons by inclusive definition of "Gender" in our laws etc.

Other positions recently held by him.

i)     Chairperson of the Ethical Committee of the Regional Occupational Health Centre (Southern) constituted by the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.

ii)   External Member of the Board of Studies of Human Rights and Duties Education of Shri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati.

iii)    Chairman of the Expert Committee constituted by Bangalore University to finalize names for awarding Honorary Doctorate Degree at the Annual Convocation.

​Important Awards and Honours:

1.     The Kannada University, Hampi, has conferred honorary Doctorate Degree called "NADOJA" (meaning 'Guru' of the Nation) at its convocation held on 05.01.2008 for his "contributions to the Kannada language and culture, his endeavours to protect environment and ecology and his contribution to law". He was the first person from the fraternity of Lawyers and Judges to get this honour.


2.      Bangalore University has conferred honorary Doctorate degree, 'Doctor of Laws' (LL.D) (Honoris Causa) at its 44th Annual Convocation held on 30th April 2009, for his "laudable service to the cause of justice and Human Rights in the Country". This also happens to be an unique and distinct honour.


3.       "Rajya Prashasthi" conferred by Janapada Prakashan, as a part of "Janapada Belli Deeparadhane 2007-08" on 08.09.2007.


4.       "Kayaka Yogi" Prashasthi conferred by the International Association of Bunts and Nadavars and all its affiliated organizations and institutions at Mangalore on 25th August, 2009.


5.   Bharatha Rathna Sir M.Visvesvaraya Global Leadership Award for "Excellency in Environment-Social Work – Education and Health" by Power Development and Energy Research Institute in Collaboration with Sir M.Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum.


6.      "Unnathi Rashtriya Kanoonu Seva Shree Puraskara", conferred by Unnati All India Human Rights Organization, on 12th January 2010.


7.    ​"Nyaya Shreshta" honorary award conferred by National Human Rights Federation on 26.01.2010.


8.   The National Level Award called 'SARWABHOUMA' conferred for his "extraordinary and distinguished public and social service" by Shre Mahabaleshwar Devastanam Committee, Gokarna on 18th February, 2009.


9.   International Kanakadasa Mission (India), Mysore, conferred on him prestigious State level Prashasthi called as "Kanaka-Raya" named after a great saint and social reformer, Kanakadasa and Sangollirayanna, who sacrificed his life for the cause of freedom of the country at the hands of the British with cash prize on 18.09.2008 for his "life-time success and excellent and most meritorious public service".


10.     Dedicated Servants of India (Regd.) Bangalore conferred on him Prashasthi for "his life-time achievement" on 12.08.2007.


11.    Vidyavardhaka Sangha, Dharwad, honoured him with Prashasthi for "his life-time achievement" on 20.05.2003.


12.    "Nyaya Rushi" honorary award conferred by Shree Vajradehi Matt, Gurupura, Mangalore on 30.03.2010.


13.  "Maanava Seva Bhooshana" conferred for his "extraordinary and distinguished services in the field of Protection of Human Rights" by Sri Shivasubramanya Swami Ashram, Bhadravathi on 19th March, 2001.


14.   "Nyaya Sarvabhouma" prashasthi conferred by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport  Corporation on the occasion of Kannada Rajyothsava-2010, on 25th November, 2010.


15.     The "Life-Time Achievement Award, 2009" conferred by Sri V.R.Deshpande Trust in 2009.


16.   "Manava Hakkugala Rakshaka" Honorary award conferred by Vishwa Manava Hakkugala Horata Samithi, Bhadravati, Shimoga District on 25.04.2010.


17.   "Samajika Seva Ratna" award conferred by Karunada Sene on 08.01.2012 for his "extraordinary public service and particularly in the field of Human Rights of the people".


18.  Bharatha Rathna Sri. M. Visvesvaraya Global Leadership Award for Excellency in Environment – Social Work – Education & Health was awarded to His Lordship on "World Environment Day, 2012" by Academy of Commonwealth Education and Humanities Studies in collaboration with Gulbarga University, Gulbarga at Gulbarga on 5th June 2012 "in recognition of his yeoman service in Pollution Control and Environment Conservation".


19.    "Nyaya Bhushana" honourary award by Human Rights Federation of India on 22.07.2012.


20.    The Judges, the Advocates and the staff of the Central Administrative Tribunal, Bangalore have bestowed upon His Lordship the "DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD" on the Silver Jubilee Celebration on 11th August, 2012, in "acknowledgement of the great services rendered by him to the 'Justice Delivery System'".

21.    Sri Durdendeshwara Mahanth Shivayogi Math bestowed on His Lordship the prestigious award called "KAYAKA SEVA DHUREENA AWARD 2012" on 13th August 2012.


22.    "HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER" Award was conferred by United Minorities Front, Bangalore on 28.07.2012 for "his excellent immense contributions to uphold secularism and the Rule of Law".


23.    "HAMSA RATNA" Award was conferred by Hamsa Jyothi Organization at its 37th Annual Festival at Bangalore on 17.10.2012 for his "extraordinary and laudable contributions in the field of Law and Justice".


24.    Karnataka Pratibhavardhaka Academy, Bengaluru at its Pratibhotsava – 2015 held on 23rd July, 2015 conferred "Pratibhotsava Honorary Award" on His Lordship for his rare and excellent services to the mother land, language, culture and development of the State.


25.  NOBEL LAUREATE MOTHER TERESA STATE AWARD 2016 (Award of Excellence as "The best Chief Justice") by The News Papers Association of Karnataka on International Nurses's Day, 12th May 2016 in Bengaluru. ​


26.  ​"THE GREAT SON OF KARNATAKA" by All India Conference of Intellectuals on 5th June, 2016 at Bengaluru for his outstanding contribution on the occasion of the conference on "Challenges to the Democracy Today And The Role of Intellectuals".  The Award was presented by Prof. (Dr.) P. J. Kurien, Deputy Chairman, Rajyasabha, Parliament of India.​


27.    Unnati Rashtriya Mavana Hakkugala Seva Ratna” Award by Unnati Rural and City, Youth, Women and Children Development and Human Rights Protection Organisation (Regd.) on 10-06-2016 on the occasion of State Level Human Rights Awareness Conference for “His Lordship’s extraordinary services rendered by him in protecting and promoting Human Rights of the people particularly those of the marginalized and exploited segments of the citizenry”. ​


​​28.    Rajyotsava Award” – “In recognition of his rare and extraordinary services in the field of Judiciary” the News Papers Association of Karnataka conferred “Rajyotsava Award” on 30th November, 2016 in Bengaluru while celebrating 61st Kannada Rajyotsava Day.​


29.   “Vishwa Manava Hakkugala Shresta Harikara” (Great Messenger of Universal Human Rights) award – The World Human Rights Seva Kendra (Regd.) on 21st January, 2017 in Tumakuru, in recognition of His Lordship’s extraordinary and laudable services rendered in the field of Human Rights, conferred “Great Messenger of Universal Human Rights” award.​

30.   Nyayadeevige”: On 11.02.2017 the Administrative Council of Brain Centre – Blossom School, Bengaluru in a function organized to celebrate Silver Jubilee of the Blossom School conferred “Nyayadeevige Award” to His Lordship for his extraordinary and excellent contribution in the field of law and in promoting humanitarian values.

31.  JUSTICE P. A. CHOWDARY MEMORIAL AWARD” was conferred by Nandamuri Basavatarakaramarao Seva Trust (Regd.) on His Lordship on 29th May, 2017 at the NTR’s 95th Birthday Celebrations for his excellent judicial service.


            In addition, Dr. Justice S.R.Nayak is awarded with hundreds of Awards, Prasasthies and Felicitations by various organizations, Institutions and general public.​