​Assoc​iations and Clubs

IQAC “ Pragathi”

To ensure continuous improvement in the entire gamut of the college IQAC strives to bring about innovative measures in administration and learning-teaching process. It strives for the academic excellence of the college. It records and monitors quality measures of the college and prepares the AQAR.

Cultural Committee “Samskrithi”

The cultural committee observes all the national festivals grandly. It strives to bring out the hidden talents of the students with various competitions. It encourages students to participate in intercollegiate cultural competitions. It also organizes “Sambrama” – the inter-collegiate cultural festival in the campus.

Biotech Association “GOLDEN HELIX”C-BITS A Consortium for Biotechnology Information and Training Services (R&D Incubation and consultancy service center)

C-BITS and Golden Helixprogrammes are dedicated to training life science students and teachers who aspire to achieve excellence in education, research and services, who could apply the skills that they learn towards improving human health, society, environment and deepening our understanding of the living world. The objective integrates training in computation, genetic engineering, biomedical sciences and environmental sciences.

Counselling Cell “AshaKirana”

The Counselling Cell with its trained Counsellors strives for the overall development of the students.

Physics Association “Anveshana”

The forum is set up to ignite the imagination of our budding physicists. The Forum conducts interclass lecture, debate,essay writing competitions for B.Sc and M.Sc students. Workshops and popular lectures are organized too.

Chemistry Forum “Prakriya”

The forum provides a platform for the students to interact with eminent personalities. The Forum conducts interclass competitions for chemistry students. Popular Lectures and Workshops are organized for students.

Psychology Forum “Chitta”

The forum regularly organizes study tours for students along with conducting interclass competitions and counseling.

Eco Club “Nisarga”

Constituted in 2006, Nisarga club is active in planting trees in the college campus. It has made a vermicompost pit for composting of organic waste generated in the campus. It also conducts awareness programmes on burning issues concerning environment.

Women Club “Sabala”

Mathematics Forum “Anantha”

The forum is devoted to pursuing activities and events aimed at fostering interest and creative expression of mathematical ideas both in college and outside it. The forum conducts interclass competitions and also organizes personality development workshops for B.Sc and M.Sc students.

Language Forum “BhashaSangama”

The all language forum encourages the exchange of thought between different languages and helps erase the language divide.

Kannada Forum “Kannadati”

The forum strives for the cause of kannada language, culture and heritage. It conducts interclass competitions regularly and grandly celebrates Kannada Rajyothsava every year.

Zoology Club “Jeeva”

The Club is active in undertaking study tours, extension activities and conducting interclass competitions.

Botany Club “Orchid”

The club organizes botanical tours regularly to the students along with conducting competitions.

Electronics Forum “Vydhyuth”

The forum organizes study tours to exhibitions, planetarium along with conducting competitions. Popular talks are also arranged.

Microbiology Association “Sookshmadarshika”

The association conducts interclass competitions in essay writing, lecture, debate. It brings out a fortnightly newsletter “Probe”. It organizes popular talks and seminars/symposia/workshops for teachers and students.

Computer Science “Ascent”

Trains the students in ICT.Organizes competitions for B.Sc and MCA students.

Sericulture Forum “Seri”

The Forum organizes regular study tours to research institutes and workstations.

Genetics Club “Gene Quest”

The Club is actively conducting exhibitions and encourages the students to come out with scientific models.

Alumni Association”Mythri”

The Alumni Association is actively working since 2002. The alumni meets annually and works in tandem with the college management for the upliftment of the students.