College​ Canteen 

Students unwind at the canteen to sip a hot cup of coffee or tea along with snacks, depending on what part of the day it is. There is a free and frank discussion of fashion of girls and teaching habits of differ­ent teachers. The lunch hour finds the canteen chock-a-block with students vying to get served first. Teachers too throng the canteen to discuss political development or economic matter.

This does not mean, however, that our college canteen is only a place of discussion. The primary aim of the canteen is to cater food to the teachers as well as the students. To fulfil this aim, our college canteen is well-equipped. There are separate sections for teachers and girls. The canteen con­tractor who sits in a corner of the canteen not only keeps the furniture neat and clean but also supplies clean and fresh food. Still, he does not charge rates higher than the market rates. He has a team of trained servants to assist him in his work. Both the students and the teachers are satisfied with his arrangements. They make it a point to place bulk orders on him whenever there is a function held by any society or club connected with academic, sports or extra-curricular activities.