​​From the Principal

"The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated. The girls, we say, do not have to earn; so why should they be educated? As long as such ideas persist there is no hope of our ever knowing the true value of education." 

(M. K. GandhiTrue Education on the NCTE site)

Maharani's Science College for Women has been sculpted the dynamic leadership of the succeeding Principals of the college:
Maharani's Science College for Womenhas always been striving to bring about constructive changes in academics, helping generations of students improve their knowledge and develop skills to match the pace of the world.

It is, indeed, a matter of great jubilation to note that our institution is entering into the 75th year of its existence. All efforts will be geared to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Founded in 1938, under the patronage of the Maharajas of Mysore, the college has come a long way in rendering yeomen service for the cause of women empowerment. I hope that the Jubilee year will usher in new vistas for all the stakeholders to grow and glow.

Indian universities need to be dynamic and adoptive to th​​e changing needs and priorities of the society and should provide an arena of freedom to young innovative minds. It is disturbing that the number of students opting for undergraduate courses in basic sciences is declining. Institutions of higher education would find it difficult to meet the challenges of globalization of higher education if one fails to impart quality education.. Emphasis on quality parameters becomes all the more necessary in the light of mushrooming of private institutions with the opening up of the Indian economy.

Keeping in line with our mission and vision, Maharani's will never ever fail to share learning with humanity for a very human cause to transform citizens.

As we are on the threshold of the Golden Jubilee of our much revered institution, in all humility, I say, "For all that has been, 'thanks'. To all that will be, 'Yes'." I wish all the students the very best in all their endeavors. We wish and hope that the students make good use of the virtues and training imparted in this institution in their everyday life.