Being a heritage building, Classrooms are well lit and well aerated by big windows. Thus dependence on electric lights is minimised. Hostel rooms are also well lit even in day time.

Vermiculture composting pit for biodegradable waste generated in the campus is established by Nisarga Club.

Adoption of electronic chokes and CFL bulbs.

The Bruhat Bangalore MahanagaraPalike (BBMP) has made it mandatory for segregation of waste at source. We too segregate the waste into degradable wet waste, Non-degradable dry waste, sanitary waste and hazardous waste. Separate bins are kept for all the four types of wastes at strategic locations. Paper and wet waste is composted in our vermicompost pit.

The college canteen provides food and only in steel plates and cups, instead of disposable plastic. This helps keep the campus clean and also prevents unnecessary harm to the environment. The canteen also has a ban on serving snacks or drinks in plastic bottles, with snacks in being provided paper bags and drinks only in tetra packs.

Natural Greenery is preserved in the campus which spreads in around 11 acres of land. Though the College annexe building sprang up recently care was taken to avoid felling of trees in the campus. Every year new set of saplings are planted in the campus to maintain greenery. This keeps the college cool even in summer times.

In addition Department ofBotany maintains a garden of medicinal plants.

In support of the environment, guests to the college are gifted ornamental potted plants , as opposed to flower bouquets
In near future the college will start harvesting rain water.