​Research Labo​​ratories​

Research Facility is established at the Department of Chemistry and Department of Microbiology.  It primarily provides advanced research facilities for M.Phil and PhD degrees of the staff and also for project work of students. It is used for completion of minor and major research projects of staff. The College is striving to obtain research centre from Bangalore University. The research labs strengthen the inquiry abilities of the staff and students. By undertaking inquiry based projects the PG students are exposed to Inquiry-based Learning. They are encouraged to present their findings in National-level Seminars/Conferences and workshops. The Staff too have pursued their M.Phil and PhD studies and presented research findings in International Symposia held abroad.

Completed funded minor research projects

  1. Synthesis of substituted naphthol(2,1-b) furan for suppression of pimples
  2. Electroless deposition and characterization of Fe-MO and FE-MO-Pt alloys
  3. Analytical applications of oscillating chemical reactions.
  4. Synthesis, characterization of new device quality electro optic and non-linear optical materials from azo and thio heterocyclic derivatives.
  5. Synthesis, characterization and invitroanti-microbial studies of novel 2,3-disubstituted-1,3-thiazolidin-4-one derivatives.
  6. To study and identify the aeroallergens

Ongoing funded major research project

  1. Identification and functional analysis of novel miRNA from French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) under abiotic stress conditions

Ongoing funded minor research projects

Isolation of host specific bacteriophages from sewage against human pathogens.