​​​​Training Camps

The cadets are detailed to undergo the following camps within and outside the State after which they get the laid down NCC Certificates which help them to seek admission in Engineering, Medical, Dental and Poly-Tech through CET of Karnataka and also preference is given for Jobs in State Govt, Central Govt & PSUs.  The cadets are also given various incentives for their outstanding performance in the various NCC camps:- 

Annual Training Camp.

  •    National Integration Camp.
  •     Special NIC.
  •    NIC SSB.
  •    ​Centrally Organized Camp :-

1.    Basic Leadership Camp (SW) (BLC).

2.    Advance Leadership Camp (ALC).

3.    The Sainik Camp (Boys) (TSC).

4.    Thal Sainik Camp (Girls) (TSC).

5.    Vayu Sainik Camp (VSC).

6.    Nau Sainik Camp (NSC).

7.    ATC Naval Wing (SD/SW).

8.    Rock Climbing Trg Camp (RCTC).

9.    IMA attachment (Dehradun-boys).

10.  OTA attachment (Chennai-girls).

11.  Trekking Expedition.

12.  Mountaineering Expedition.

13.  Mountaineering Course

14.  .Rock Climbing Course.

15.  Mavlankar Shooting Championship.

16.  Para Basic Course.

17.  Scuba Diving.

18.  Youth Exchange Programme.

19.  Republic Day Camp. 

Every year an NCC Republic Day Contingent Camp & PM’s Rally is held at New Delhi during December and January in which NCC Contingent of all states participates.  The NCC Contingent of the State who is adjudged for the excellent performance is awarded the Championship Banner during the PM’s rally on 27th January every year by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.​