​Main Features​

  • The scheme will use RKVY funds and also envisages convergence of other Central and State government Schemes.
  • Qualified Private Company or a group of Companies to come up with integrated horticulture development projects across Karnataka state.
  • Complete flexibility in design, with proviso that intervention must cover all aspects from production to marketing.
  • The proposed Project shall promote sustainable capacity building of the horticulture farmers through technology and training, mechanization, etc.,
  • The producer component of the project must be a group of farmers for which the readily existing Farmer Producer Organisations in the state may be utilised. The private players also may develop new farmer associations or groups tailored for the project needs.
  • A Principal Secretary led committee will scrutinise and approve the projects.
  • A Project Monitoring Unit at state level is set up. This unit will act as a) Liaison unit, b) Assistance to private player to prepare DPR, c) Suggest area of activity to the Private Companies.
  • A separate Liaison officer for different crop varieties at the state level for smooth co-ordination between the stake holders.