Karnataka Administrative Tribunal Act.
Karnataka Transparency in public procurements Act, 1999 & Rules 2000.
Karnataka Lokayuktha Act.
K.C.S (R.P.P.P) Act 1973.
K.C.S (Determination of Age) Act 1974.
Right to information Act 2005.
The RGUHS Act 1994.
Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.
Dentists Act, 1948.
The Karnataka Anatomy Act 1957.


K.C.S. (C.C.A) Rules 1957.
Karnataka Civil Service Rules 1958.
K.C.S. (conduct) Rules 1966.
Karnataka Civil Services (Time Bound Advancement) Rules 1983.
Karnataka Civil Services (Automatic Grant of Special Promotion to Senior Scale) Rules 1991.
K.C.S. (General Recruitment) Rules 1977.
K.C.S (Medical Attendance) Rules 1963.
Karnataka Civil Services Rules.
K.C.S. (R.P.P.P) Rules 1978.
Karnataka Right to Information Rules 2005.
K.P.S.C (Consultation) regulation 2005.
Karnataka Government (transaction and Business) Rules 1977.
Karnataka Government Servants (seniority) Rules.
C & R Rules of Concerned Department.
KCS (Probationary) Rules 1977.
And all other Rules, Government orders, Circulars, Notifications issued by the   DPAR,  FD,  LD.&  Planning Dept.
Establishment of Medical College Regulations, 1999.