Academic Activities

  1. Department of Anatomy
  1. Department of Physiology
  1. Department of Biochemistry
  1. Department of Pharmacology
  1. Department of Pathology
  1. Department of  Microbiology
  1. Department of Forensic Medicine
  1. Department of Community Medicine
  1. Department of General Medicine
  1. Department of T.B. & Chest
  1. Department of Dermatolgy
  1. Department of  Psychiatry
  1. Department of Pediatrics
  1. Department of General Surgery
  1. Department of Orthopaedics
  1. Department of Ophthalmology
  1. Department of E.N.T
  1. Department of O.B.G
  1. Department of Anesthesia
  1. Department of Radio Diagnosis
  1. Department of Dentistry

1.Department of Anatomy


1. Dr. J.Y.Kadam       -    Professor

2. Dr. Usha  V          -    Professor

3. Dr.Rekha              -    Asst.Professor

4. Dr. Tanveer Ahamed khan      -    Asst. Professor

5. Dr. Ganesh Prasad  -    Lecturer

6. Dr. Sangeetha       -    Tutor   

7. Dr.Ashok              -    Tutor

8. Dr.Prakash karror   -    Tutor

9. Dr. Subhash Chandra   Tutor


A.    List of non - teaching staff position of department of Anatomy

a.    Technical assistant      -      1. Anand  J   2. Mahmad Ahmed    

b.    Artist / Modelers          -      Bhaskar D C

c.    Store keeper - cum clerk -    Padma T  K

d.    Dissection hall attendants     - 


                            1. Yallappa

                            2. Murali

                            3. Chennappa

                            4. Prabhakar

                            5. Uma

e. Sweepers      -    Saraswathi


C. M B B S Phase - I course is the first batch to start in this institute started on date 16-8-2007.

M B B S Phase -     I Student admitted during 2007 - 08 Batch 100 student

                          (85 from Government of Karnataka through CETExam,  15 from All India quota)

                                  2007-08 Batch M B B S Phase - I, Anatomy annual

                                    RGUHS Exam    result 95 % with 60 % first classes.

M B B S Phase - I Admitted during 2008-09 Batch 100 students

                               (85 from  Government of Karnataka through CET

                                   Exam,  15 from all India quota)

D. Methodology of teaching - according to the RGUHS Syllabus:


Total teaching duration in Anatomy - more than 650 hours per years.

Three Internal Assessments Examination are conducted with in a year.

Weekly test, monthly seminar are conducted.

1.    Lectures - 4 hours per week.

2.    Tutorials - Osteology - Group discursion

6 hours per week according to the batches.

                 3. Dissection - 8 hours per week for 100 students.

                 4. Histology - 6 hours per week according to the batches. 

E. This institute is affiliated to Rajeev Gandhi University of Health sciences,       Bangalore.

F. CME Programmers conducted during this academic year:

                Date:  17 - January - 2009 Sahyadri Neurocon - 2009,

               Place: Anatomy dissection hall, SIMS, Shimoga.

               Time: 2 P M to 5 P M

        Subject: 1. Endoscopic transnasal approach to pituitary gland.  

                  2. Cadavers brain approach through lateral part of skull.

G. Awards achievements received by staff:

     Dr. J Y Kadam professor and H O D, Department of Anatomy, SIMS, Shivamogga, has been awarded.


1.  "Dr.(Mrs) S. Kanta Gold medal award for best scientific papers 


2.   Journal: "Anatomical Karnataka" official journal of Karnataka

                       chapter of anatomist vol 2 No. 2 July - 2006.


                        Title - "An eye on the eyepiece of compound


                        Place - 9th KCA Annual conference JSS Medical

                                      College, Mysore.

3.    Dr. G V Bhatt Memorial Prize best paper award in international conference ( CSEPI India) Place- Bangalore, Sept - 2006.

4.    Karnataka Rajostava Award Nov - 2003 ( HDMC Hubli) Prashasti. Place - Hubli.

5.    Dr. Raj Krishana Mahanti memorial Gold Medal Award at 44th Anatomical society of India National Conference for presenting best paper award.

Title - A modified easy technique for histological sectioning of unclassified bone" Journal of Anatomy Soc. India 47:7.9(1998).

6.    Working as principal investigator for a project sponsored by Indian council of medical Research, New Delhi.    


H.  We are having separate Anatomy library which accommodates 50 students with well furnished.


Medical Journals available in Anatomy library:


    1. Karnataka Anatomica

         Journal of Karnataka chapter of Anatomist.

   2. Journal of the Anatomical society of India.

         Total number of books on Anatomy subject and related subjects available in our Anatomy library - One hundred books.

I.    Dissection hall:

Accommodates M B B S Phase- I, 100 students for dissection practical well furnished with ventilation and light.

For dissection practical one dead body is provided for 10-15 students.


1.    Dissection hall measure: 325 sq meters MCI requirement.

2.    Number and arrangement of tables

  Big steel tables         - 15

And small steel tables    - 05 to keep dead bodies for dissection

                                            practical having separate dead body

                                            embalming room.


3.    Dead bodies Storage tanks: Area 6 sq meters, three separate tanks  

                              are present - it accommodates total 20 dead bodies.

Cold storage: Area 8.31 sq meter (Cold storage refrigerator

                         to keep nine dead bodies is present).

4.    Washing arrangement is provided with 20 water taps.

5.    Students are provided with one locker for each student total

        100 lockers to keep there books etc.

6.    Band saw body cutting machine is present in dissection hall

        in separate room.

7.    Body embalming room is present in dissection hall in separate room.

8.    Dissection hall consist extra learning aids like full skeleton - 10, black board - 2, X-ray viewing box - 2 and separate individual bones of the skeleton are many and 24 charts.

9.    Number of cadavers provided for 2008-09 batch of practical 10.


J. Histology Laboratory:

1.    Accommodation : Histology lab - 200 sq meters

2.    Preparation room: 18 sq meters

3.    Accommodates M B B S Phase- I, 100 students for histology practical well furnished with ventilation and light.

4.     Histology practical: one compound light microscope is provided for

                                         each student.

5.    Working arrangement for 50 students.

6.    Cupboard to keep compound microscope are 60.

7.    Two binocular microscopes are present in histology.

8.    Histology practical classes and practical are conducted according

       to the syllabus of RGUHS.


K. Audio visual aids:


1.    L C D Projector with big screen is fixed in the lecture hall which provided seating arrangement for 150 students.

2.    Collar mike with speakers is present.

3.    Scanner is present.

4.    Over head projector is present.

5.    Computer with printer is present.


L. Museum:


1.    Accommodation : As per MCI norms -  200 sq meters

2.    Specimens are arranged in separate compartments: Models/ Charts/ Skeletons/ Osteology / Gross Anatomy/ Radiology/ Genetics.

3.    Embryology: 79 models are kept.

4.    Neuro Anatomy : 4 models are kept.

5.    Gross Anatomy : 64 models are kept.

6.    Embryology specimens : 5 specimens are present.

7.    Upper limb: 6 specimens are present.

8.    Lower limb : 6 specimens are present.

9.    Thorax - 10 specimens are present.

10.    Abdomen - 12 specimens are present

11.    Head and neck - 3 specimens are present.

12.    Gross anatomy joints - 8 models are present

13.    Full human skeleton - 12 are present.

14.    Osteology individual bones - many are present.

15.    Histology - 5 charts are present.

16.    Genetics - 3 charts are present.

17.    Embryology - 6 charts are present.

18.    Evolution  - 2 charts are present.

19.    Neuroanatomy - 13 charts are present.


This is the begining  and not the end.

2. Department of Physiology


Department of Physiology is one of the largest Pre Clinical Departments in SIMS, as it is the basis for all the living beings following the slogan "Simplicity is the soul of Personality".


    It was the newly formed department in SIMS in August 2007 with the distinct identity under the able leadership of Dr. K.N. Narasimha Swamy, Professor  & HOD.


    It has a class reputation in both teaching  & research facilities.  It maintains the strong & unique identity as it is strengthened with clinical lab, Hematology lab & departmental museum which are fully equipped to teach Under Graduates, various other Para Medical trainees & even to teach Post Graduates in future.


In the span of One Year the achievements of the department are:-


     Conducted several Quiz Programs & exposed the students to Intercollegiate Medical Quiz competition in KIMS, Bangalore, the 1st batch of students were suitably rewarded.

     Inspite of delay in the commencement of the curriculum with minimum staff, the efforts putforth by the Staff & the Students yielded the results up to 95%.


    The Department is awaiting to produce fruitful results in future with the kind co-operation of Head of the Institution, Administrators, teaching faculty & Students.



Sl.No            Name                 Designation            Qualification


1.    Dr.K.N.Narasimhaswamy    Professor & HOD       M.B.B.S. / M.D

2.    Dr.Girish Babu. M.            Assistant Professor    M.B.B.S. / M.D

3.    Dr.Naveen S. Kotur          Assistant Professor    M.B.B.S. / M.D

4.    Mr.Pramod Kachru Jagtap  Lecturer                  MSc (BioPhysics)

5.    Dr.Savitha C.S                Tutor                      M.B.B.S. / DGO

6.    Dr.Kiran Jawoor               Tutor                      B.H.M.S. / MSc (Physiology)

7.    Dr.Nanda  B. Sappandi      Tutor                      M.B.B.S.

8.    Dr.Mahantesh Y.D            Tutor                     M.B.B.S.


3. Department of Biochmistry


The Department of Biochemistry is headed by Dr. Sowbhagyalakshmi Professor, with 33 years of experience in teaching the under graduates and post graduates.  The department caters to under graduate teaching and renders laboratory services to patients referred from McGann Hospital and other local hospitals.

Department comprises of the following sections :

¢    Practical Laboratory.

¢    Research Laboratory.

¢    Seminar cum Library.

¢    Central Clinical Laboratory and

¢    Demonstration Hall.


The Practical Laboratory services were started in the department since the inception of the college, during the year 2007 for under graduate students, as per RGUHS Norms. 

The department has well experienced and qualified technicians with supporting staff, working in all the sections.

Our full-fledged Research Laboratory has more than 100 equipments along with descriptive catalogues pertaining to different Research activities.  


    Undergraduate teaching activities are under full swing with theory and practical classes being conducted by the staff of the department.  Students are divided into smaller batches and each batch is supervised by a faculty member throughout their course of study. Seminars and presentations for undergraduates are conducted on regular basis to improve understanding capacity and presentation skills of the students.

The department has a library consisting of more than 100 books, which caters the need to departmental staff and students.

Central Clinical Laboratory is attended by senior faculty of Biochemistry.  It is the busiest section of the department.  On an average about 250 tests are conducted per day. Blood sugar  Lipid profile, Renal function test, Liver function test & Electrolytes studies have also been setup in Central Clinical Laboratory.

A state of the art Central Clinical Laboratory building was inaugurated by    Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, on Saturday 31/01/2009.  This is the only second of its kind in Karnataka next to Bangalore Medical College.

Tests Available in The CCL (Biochemistry) :

1) Blood Sugar & Glucose Tolerance Test

2)    Urea

3)    Creatinine

Lipid Profile:

1)    Total Cholesterol

2)    Triglycerides

3)    High Density Lipoproteins

4)    Low Density Lipoproteins

5)    HDL / LDL ratio


1)    Total Protein

2)    Albumin

3)    Globulin

4)    A/G Ratio

5)    Total Bilirubin

6)    Direct Bilirubin

7)    SGOT

8)    SGPT

9)    Alkaline phosphatase


1)    Sodium

2)    Potassium

3)    Chloride

Others :

1)    Calcium

2)    Phosphorus

3)    Amylase

4)    Uric acid

   Staff Position in the Department of Biochemistry

Sl. No.    Name                                                 Designation

1.        Dr. Sowbhagyalakshmi   M Sc: Ph.D    Prof. & HoD

2.        Dr. K.S. Govindaswamy   M.Sc:Ph.D    Associate Professor

3.        Dr. I.C. Vinay   M.B.B.S;M.D              Assistant. Prof.

4.        Dr. R.S. Jyothi   M.B.B.S;M.D            Assistant. Prof.

5.        Mr. Anil Kumar M Suryavamshi   M.Sc  Asst. Prof.

6.        Dr. Divya Shanthi D'Sa   M.B.B.S        Tutor

7.        Smt. S. Nandini   M.Sc.    Tutor

4. Department of  Pharmacology

The Deaprtment of Pharmacology was started in the year 2007 by Dr.Vedavathi. H. Associate Professor under the guidance of the then principal Dr.Chidand. H.T. The first MCI Inspection for Pharmacology was successfully completed in December-2007 and the compliance inspection in April 2008.

    Now the department is headed by Dr.Jagadeesh.K.  and is well established as per MCI norms and RGUHS guidelines.  It contains one experimental Pharmacology lab for animal exercises, one pharmacy lab for basic pharmacy preparations and one clinical research/ clinical Pharmacology lab.  All the labs are well equipped for under graduate teaching and for fundamental research experiments.  There are separate rooms for all teaching and non teaching faculty. The department contains well established Museum,  Departmental library, two separate Demonstration rooms with audio Visual aids and central animal house.  The Institutional Animal Ethics Committee is registered and functioning as per CPCSEA norms.

    The Department contains the following teaching faculty:

1. Dr.Jagadessh.K        -      Professor & HOD

2.Dr.Vedavathi.H    .    -      Associate Professor

3 Dr.Srinivas P Revenkar    - Assistant Professor

4. Dr.Nagaraja Prasad S    -  Assistant Professor

5. Dr.Priya C Rao             -  Tutor

6. Dr.Jagadeesh S.C      -    Tutor

7. Dr.Smith.Y               -    Tutor

8. Dr.Ranjana.G.           -    Tutor

5. Department of Pathology

    The Depatment of Patholgoy is headed by Dr.R.N.Wasan, Professor & Head with 21 years of teaching experience.  The Departmetn caters to under graduate teaching and renders laboratory services to patient referred from Mg Gann Hospital and other local hospitals.

Department comprises of the following sections.

​    1.Histopathology



    4.Central Clinical Laboratory and

    5.Blood bank in Mc Gann Hospital

    Each of the section is headed by the senior pathologist

    The laboratory services were started in the department since the inception of the college.  During the year 2008 more than 1000 Histopathology specimens were processed and reported

    The department has well experienced and qualified technicians with supporting staff, working in all the sections.

    Our full-fledged Museum has more than 200 specimens along with descriptive catalogues pertaining to different argan systems in the body, Microscopic slides corresponding to specimens are displayed with special arrangement.

    Blood bank is working under the control of the department of pathology. It is maintained by blood bank officer and a faculty member.  Blood donation camps are conducted on a regular basis, sponsored by various organizations.  Components separation will be started shortly.

    Undergraduate teaching activities are under full swing with theory and practical classes being conducted by the staff of the department.  Students are divided into smaller batches and each batch is supervised by a faculty member throughout their course of study.  Seminar and presentations for undergraduates are conducted on regular basis to improve understanding capacity and presentation skills of the student.

    The department has a library consisting of more than 150 books, which caters to departmental staff and students.

    Histopathology section is well equipped with state of art equipments such as leica microtome, Leica cryostat and outomatic tissue processor, along with necessary staining kits.

Hematology section is equipped with two automatic cell counters.

a.    Five part automatic cell counter

b.    Three part automatic cell counter

Whole department is equipped with uninterrupted power supply

    Central clinical laboratory is attended by senior pathologist along with tow junior residents. It is the busiest section of the department.  On an average about 400 tests are conducted per day.  Coagulation profile studies have also been setup in Central Clinical Laboratory under supervision of senior faculty member.

    A state of the art Central Clinical Laboratory building was inaugurated by Dr.B.S.Yedyurappa, Honorable chief minister  of Karnataka, an Saturday 31/01/2009.  This is the only second of its kind in Karnataka next to Bangalore Medical College.

    Research activites in the dept. are carried out regularly.  At present ICMR projects have been taken up by the undergraduate students and faculty members from the department are guiding each of them.  CME's and seminars are being regularly attended by the faculty members.

    Original articles, case reports and publications by the staff are in progress.

Tests Available

I. Histopathology

   a.    Routine Histopathological Examination.

b.    Slide reviews, Slides received from outside

c.    Cryostat - Frozen section study

II. Hematolgy

a.    Complete Hemogram and other basic Hematological investigations.  Complete urine analysis.

b.    Bone Marrow aspiration and Biopsy.

c.    Coagulation profile studies.

III. Cytopathology   

a.    Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology ( FNAC)

b.    Body fluid analysis.

c.    PAP smear- Screening for cervical malignancies.

IV. Blood Bank Services

a.    Routine blood bank service available.

b.    Component separation to be started shortly.


Staff Position in the Department of Pathology

1. Dr.R.N. Wasan                -    Professor & HOD

2. Dr.Sharada. M.S             -    Professor

3. Dr.Ramesh Babu.K           -    Associated Professor

4. Dr.Muniyappa. M             -    Associated Professor

5. Dr.Kantikar. S.M             -    Assistant Professor

6. Dr.Deepak Kumar. B        -    Assistant Professor

7. Dr.Girish. C.J                -     Assistant Professor

8. Dr.Vidya Chiniwalar         -    Blood Bank officer / Tutor

9. Dr.Vinayakumari             -    Tutor

10.Dr.Kiran Kumar. H.V       -    Tutor

11.Dr.Rashmi.                   -    Tutor

12.Dr.Surgihalli. V.H           -    Tutor

13.Dr.Ramachnadrappa.      -    Tutor

6.Department of Microbiology

    Department of Microbiology at Shimoga Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimoga, is located in the first floor of south wing of college academic block, Department is adequate with skilled, qualified teaching and nonteaching faculty for undergraduate ( MBBS ) teaching programme and diagnostic works.

    The Department is ornamented with eight service laboratories, which are very well equipped and with adequate number of teaching faculty.  Bacteriology service laboratory is equipped to carry out aerobic and anaerobic cultures, various staining with state of art equipments like laminar air flow, Biosafety cabinet, incubators, centrifuges, etc.,

    Serology service laboratory caters for the serological diagnosis of various infectious and noninfectious diseases.  Equipments available in this laboratory are ELISA reader and washer, centrifuges, etc.

    Infrastructure for undergraduate ( MBBS) teaching programme is excellent with well equipped two practical halls of a capacity of 60 each and spacious tow demonstration halls of a capacity of 50 each.

    Department is also well equipped with audiovisual aids like OHP and LCD projector along with research microscopes, fluorescent and dark ground microscopes for teaching and routine diagnostic purpose.

    Departmental museum is another feather feather in a cap of Microbiology department which is well illustrated with descriptive charts, covering various aspects of Microbiology, virology models and parasitological specimens.

    A part from various service laboratories in the college, Microbiology department also maintain the clinical central laboratory ( CCL ) in the premises of Mc Gann Hospital, along with Pathology and Biochemistry departments.  Various serological investigations are carried out at CCL under the supervision of skilled, qualified Microbiologist.

    The academic programmers of this department are tailored to inculcate a culture of research and prepare medical graduates for world class competence in the field of Medicine.

    A highly experienced, qualified, enthusiastic and  inspiring teaching faculty with many research papers in national and international journals to their credit runs the department.


1. Dr. Halesh. L.H            -    Professor & Head

2. Dr.Siddesh. K.C            -    Associate Professor

3. Dr.Mallikarjun Koppad        -    Assistant Professor

4. Dr. Rudramurthy K.G        -    Tutor

5. Dr.Harshith.G.C            -    Tutor

6. Dr.Vasantha Kuberappa        -    Tutor


7. Department of Forensic Medicine


       The Department of  Forensic Medicine & Toxicology is engaged in numerous activities. It is involved in teaching.  Research, medico-legal postmortems, Cilinical Forensic Medicine Services & court related work.  The department is in the process of setting up a toxicology lab and taking up casualty work.


1. Dr.Veeresh M.R        -    Associate Professor

2. Dr.Chidananda.P.S    -    Assistant Professor

3. Dr.Rudramurthy        -    Tutors


    Department is actively engaged in undergraduate teaching - In the form of  Lectures,  Seminars, Demonstrations, Practical exercises, Autopsy demonstrations and Visits to Scene of Crime, Court, Forensic labs and Prisons.


Departmental Projects

Funding agency - SIMS

i. Research Continuing

Psychological autopsy of Death due to poisoning - A Prospective Study


Number of Publication by the Member staff of teaching faculty in indexed journals:02


Medico-legal work including postmortems performed - 650(2008)

On an average of 700 medico-legal autopsies are conducted at the mortuary attached to the department and scene investigations

Embaiming, Skeletal remains examinations and Expert opinions on Medico-legal cases are the other services provided.

Court  attendance by members of department:

Doctors of the department are attending courts to give evidence.

Clinical Forensic Medicine:

Examination of cases for age estimation, potency, Sexual offences, ect.., referred by the court and other investigating agencies are done.

Community services:

Lectures and demonstrations are held for Police Officers and Medical Officers.

8.    Department of Community Medicine

    The department of Community Medicine can be located in the J Block,  II floor of the main college building.  Along with spacious and well furnished chambers for the staff, the department has an informative museum, library, research room,  well illuminated and ventilated demonstration halls and a laboratory for undergraduate MBBS students.

    Undergraduate teaching and outreach programs are the major activities undertaken in the department in order to achieve the broad objective of preparing the undergraduate students to function as community and first level physicians in accordance with the MCI and institutional goals.

The undergraduate teaching is in the of

a.    Didactic lectures

b.    Field visits for Family health studies

c.    Problems based learning in Epidemiological Exercises,  Nutrition and Health statistics

d.    Demonstration on various spotters in nutrition, immunizing agents, contraceptives, entomology, insecticides, disinfectants, community health utilities and protective devices

e.    Seminars and systematized tutorials with  structured format

f.    Seminars and systematized tutorials with structured format

The outreach programs are held in the following health centers attached to the institution

1.    RHTC, Ayanur

2.    PHC, Holalur

3.    PHC, Mattur

4.    UHTC, Shimoga

Faculty in the department:

1. Dr.M.V.Sagar            -    Professor & Head

2. Dr.Praveen Kumar.N        -    Assistant Professor

3. Dr.Prashanth. H            -    Assistant Professor

4. Dr.Chandrashekar.S.V        -    Assistant Professor

5.Ms.Revathy.R            -    Biostatistician

6. Dr.Sharath. S.S            -    Tutor

7. Dr.Shwetha. K            -    Tutor

9.    Department of General Medicine

10. Department of T.B & Chest

​11. Department of Dermatology       

12. Department of Psychiatry

Department of  Psychiatry is fortuning in this hospital for the past  35yrs. Following Staff  members are working in this department.

1. Dr.Ramprased K.S        -    Assistant Professor

2. Dr.Sanjay. H.C        -    Sr.Resident

    Daily  out patient is around 50 - 10 beds are allotted for Male in patients care another 10 beds are allotted for women and children in patients care.

Following facilities are available.

1.    Electro convulsive therapy

2.    Abreaction

3.    All types of  Psychotherapies

4.    Psychometric

5.    OPD Laboratory facility

13. Department of Pediatrics

14. Department of General Surgery

Faculty  members

     Dr.Sushilkumar. M.D -    Professor & H.O.D

There are four surgical units.  One headed by Prof & H.O.D & three headed by Associate Professor.

The dept has got four OT's -    Two Major OT's

-    One Minor OT/ Casulty OT

-    One OPD OT

     The Major OT's are equipped with

-    Ventilator

-    Pulse oxymetre

-    C.CT.V

-    Elector - Cautery

-    Central o2 supply

-    Central Suction system

   No. of beds allotted to the Surgery dept - 120

    Dept has got Two Male Surgical ward

                  Two Female Surgical ward

                  One Male & One Female Emergency ward

                  One Male & One Female Burns ward & Burns- ICU

                  One Male & One Female Septic ward

                Special wards

                Male & Female Post - operative ward

                There is surgical I.C.U. in the dept,

Each ward has Teaching room, Nurses station, Treatment room, Store room


There is Duty doctor room for Surgeons on call

Dept. has got full fledged departmental Library

Dept. has got computer facility, with operator/Clerk

    An average Out Patient's per day

-    No, of major surgeries per month

-    No. of  minor surgeries per month

-    No. of Emergency surgeries done per month

-    No. of in patients per month

15. Department of Orthopaedics

Department of  Orthopedics  has 2 units I & II. Unit I- is headed by Professor & H.O.D Dr.A.S.Raghunath.  Unit-II is headed by Professor Dr.K.Veerappa.

    We have got full fledged faculty for 60 bedded ortho Department as per MCI norms

We have got following Faculty

1.  Dr. A.S. Raghunath       -    Professor & H.O.D

2.  Dr. K.Veerappa            -    Professor

3.  Dr.H.D.Veeranna          -    Assistant Professor

4.  Dr.Chaiteenya             -    Assistant Professor

5.  Dr.P.R.Subhindra          -    Assistant Professor

6.  Dr.K.N.Rajashekarappa  -    Senior Resident

7.  Dr.S.H.Satish              -    Senior Resident

8.  Dr.Shivayogappa.U      -    Jr.Resident

9.  Dr.J.D.Venkatesh         -    Jr.Resident

10.Dr.Narayan Naik           -    Jr.Resident

11.Dr.Sunil. M.P               -    Jr.Resident

12.Dr.Naveen.P.R             -    Jr.Resident

13.Dr.Palaksha.S             -    Jr.Resident

    We have got fully equipped Physiotherapy Department Managed by well qualified physiotherapists.  We are able to increase the work load of the hospital since SIMS has taken over the hospital. We are doing most of orthopaedic surgeries and in near future affer getting the latest instruments, we will give the patient care in par with acnes corporate hospital


16. Department of Opthalmology

17. Department of ENT

Depatment of ENT is located in the 1st floor of the District Mc gann Hospital. We have spacious well furnished chamber for the staff along with department hall for teaching.

    The department trains and teaching undergraduates in both in palient and out palient unit.  The teaching faculty are well trained in hed and neek,  micro and endoscopies  surgeries.

    We have out patient department with three cubicles, ENG lab, demonstration cum Unit head chamber and a fully equipped micro surgical, endoscopies out Plaint and Surgical unit. We also have audiometry  and speech Therapy unit with acoustic room and digital audiometer. We are doing all surgical work   on par with any corporate hospital

The faculty in the Depatment of E.N.T are

1. Dr. Thimmappa. T.D    -    Associate Professor / HOD

2. Dr.Subramhanya.B.T   -    Assistant Professor

3. Dr.Sridhar.S              -    Assistant Professor

4. Dr.Nagaraj. M.           -    Lecture

5. Dr.Ramesh.S             -    Sr.Resident

6. Dr.Mahadevappa.G.V  -    Jr.Resident

7. Smt. Nageshwari.P     -    Audiologist/ Speech Theropist

   18. Department of  O.B.G   

     19. Department of Anesthesia

   20. Department of Radio Diagnosis

Teaching staff;

Dr .Uma  pandurangi .MD                   Associate professor & I/C HOD

Dr.V.V.Gaonkar .MD                          Assistant professor

Dr. Parameshwar.  D.S. DMRD           Senior perident

Dr.Manjappa setty         DMRD            Senior perident

Non teaching staff;

X-ray Technicians- 7

Dark room assistant- 1

Clerk -cum computer operater-1

Equipments  &  Infrastructure

1.    There are 4 X-ray  machines  viz  500mA  with fluoroscopy(1- no), 300mA (1- no) ,100mA (1- no)  and 60mA(1- no)The 100 mA machine is housed separately in the old block and caters to the needs of the patients from Sharavati & old blocks . The 500 mA ,300 mA &60 mA machines are housed in the new block.

                 The average patients visiting the radiography section are about  50-60 with the total number of X-rays done being 80-100.Special procedures like   IVU ,RGU are routinely  done. Studies like upper GI &lower GI studies. HSG, MCU, etc can be done using fluoroscopy.

                   The Radiography rooms are spacious with a good dark rooms & store rooms. X-rays are also being done during  4-8.00pm & 8.00pm-8.00am with one technician on duty

2.      There is one ultrasound machine ( Aloka flexus) which is in the old block. About 35-40 patients are scanned per day. The machine is a static black & white machine with2 probes of 3.5mHZ frequency.

                         All the requirements of the  PNDT act are fulfilled & followed systematically.


1.    Computed Radiography(CR) system has been planned. This would increase the efficiency and quality of Radiography immensely

2.    New 500mA X-ray plant with fluoroscopy to improve the quality of X-rays generation.

3.    CT scanner. Adeuqate space has been ear-marked for the same.

4.    New digital ultrasound machines with color Doppler for the old &new block. The machines will have high frequency probes to do the small parts, Biopsy attachments, trans vaginal and trans rectal probers.

5.    Image transfer software for transferring images from the ultrasound machine to the computer. This will facilitate case documentation  and help in academic work.

     21. Department of Dentistry


    The Mc Gann Hospital, Shimoga is one of the biggest district Hospital in the state.  Is situated on the sprawling area of 70 acres land with greenery around, which was started in 1880. It was named after Dr. Mc Gann who was the senior surgeon with the Govt. of Mysore from 1885 to 1896 and also Darbar surgeon From 1905 to 1906.  The foundation stone for the building was laid by Maharaj Krishnaraja Wadiyar Bahadur on 16th January 1932 and the building was inaugurated in 1935.  The bed strength of the Hospital at the beginning was 44 and periodical expansion took place raising the bed strength to the present 600. Recently Govt.  has sanctioned for up-gradation of the Hospital to 1000 bed.

Now the Hospital has the following amenities and rendering yeoman service to the poor

1.    Blood Bank

2.    24 Hours Casualty facilities

3.    ICCU with latest equipment

4.    MICU with latest equipment

5.    NICU with latest equipment

6.    Dialysis Unit

7.    ICU in Burns ward

8.    Geriatric ward

9.    Central Clinical Laboratory with latest equipment

10.    X-ray facilities

11.    Scanning

12.    VCTC & PPTCT

13.    ART Centre

14.    Well equipped Ambulance facilities

15.    Mortuary with cold storage

16.    Diet for patient / Steam Cooking Facilities in Kitchen

17.    Central Oxygen unit

18.    Mechanical Laundry

19.    Bio Medical Waste with Effluent Treatment plant

20.    ECG facilities

21.    Operation Theater with high end equipment

22.    District Equipment Repair Unit

23.    CSSD

24.    Ayush and Panchakarma wing

25.    Licensed Eye Bank

26.    III Computerized Registration Counter to register IP/OP patients

27.    Telemedicine Facilities

28.    ANM Training School

We are proud to say that our Hospital caters to 1000-1200 outpatients and admission of daily about 100-110

Phone Number of Casualty : 08182-222404

1. These services are available for all the 24 hours on all 7 days in a week throughout the year.

2. Any patient with emergency problem can seek consultation/treatment in the casualty.

3.If Doctors decide that you need urgent medical intervention,  you will be registered at the casualty registration counter, and proper medical care will be provided prompty.

4.Casualty has a dedicatd team of Doctors ( Casualty Medical Officers) Nurses, Paramedics and orderlies etc, to provide urgent medical services.

5.The doctors rendering treatment will call any specialist and they are available on call attending any urgent and emergency consultation as and when required.  Casualty has fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatre for any urgent surgery etc.

All urgent investigations like Blood Biochemistry, Urine, ECG, USG,X-ray,

Indoor Service's

1.    Patients admitted in General Ward of the Mc Gann hospital  have to deposit bed charges in advance of 10days at the rates approved by Government from time to time (currently Rs 12/- )  This entitles them for doctors consultation, certain basic investigations, life saving medicines and surgical items, diet, linen, I.V. fluids etc.

2.    For allotment in Special Wards, after recommendation by the treating doctor, patient should contact the Medical Superintendent Office.  A waiting list is maintained an d the Special room is allotted as per the waiting list.  The hospitalization charges of Special room are as under per day Rs.33/-

3.    All in-patients receive treatment by team of Resident Doctors and Nurses, available round the clock, under the supervision and guidance of Faculty Members of SIMS.

4.    Hospital Attendants are available in different wards to help in patient care and related activities.

​5.    Indoor services have central air conditioning, hot and cold water, toilets, portable X-Ray machines, ECG services - Generator back up, emergency lights, internal telephone, chairs for attendants etc.

6.    Waste disposal is done as per the established rules (Biomedical waste management and handling rules, 1998 by shushrutha Bio medical waste management Society, Shimoga. And utmost care is taken to keep the premises neat and clean.

7.    Operation Theratres  

a.    The institute has fully equipped modem Operation Theatres where all kinds of major surgeries are performed using  the latest techniques and technology.

8.    ICUs The hospital has fully equipped ICU & ICCU.

         Patients requiring urgent ICU care are admitted to ICCU & ICUs at the   

         discretion of treating Doctors.

9.   Laboratory Services

a.    Emergency Lab - 24 hours, throughout the year, for all emergency investigations.

b.    Routine Lab - Sample Collection timings:-Weeks days 9.00 am to 4.00 P.m

General Holiday - 9.00 a.m.  to 1.00 p.m

a.    All type of routine and special investigations incl. Biochemical, Microbiological, Pathology, are done at SIMS.

b.    Blood Bank : SIMS has a licensed Blood Bank that functions 24 hours a day and provides facilities for blood donation, storage, issue of blood,  Strict precautions are taken and testing is done to prevent any borne infection.

Out Patient Department (OPD) Services

OPD Schedule

​1.    OPD Card can be purchased from main counter by paying a fee of Rs.5/- OPD is located in ground floor .

2.    Patients are seen on first serve basis.  However, Out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency or to senior citizens.

3.    Investigations: After OPD consultation, the treating doctor will fill up the requisition forms for various investigations & direct/guide you to the concerned lab/dept.

4.    Many facilities are provided at OPD level e.g ECG, Plaster, Injection and Immunization Room, Contraception and Minor Surgical Intervention, Physiotherapy, etc.

5.    Medical fitness/Medical examination and other such certificates are issued after paying the requisite fees.

6.     The decision to admit a patient rests with the treating doctor. Emergency cases in casualty will be admitted through CMO

7.    Wheel chairs, patient trolleys etc. are available free of charge at the entrance of OPD.

8.    OPDs have waiting hall with chairs, STD booth, lifts, public utilities like drinking water & toilets etc.