Sir M Vishweshwaraih, popularly known as Sir MV,was a man who
excelled at many different fields. He is remembered today as an engineer par excellence, a highly respected statesman and a visionary thinker.
         Born as Muddenhalli at Chikkaballapur on september 15 in year 1860, Sir MV completed engineering from Poona Science College and completed L.C.E and E.C.E.L engineering exams at age of 23 and stood first to the entire Mumbai region. He started his his career in the year 1884 as Assistant Engineer to Mumbai Govt. He served the Mumbai Govt for 23 years. He joined as chief Engineer of Mysore Government on November 15, 1909. Due to his efforts the administrationb of rail routes from Birur to Shimoga, Mysore to Nanjangud, Banglore to Mysore was transfered to Mysore Govt, as per plan.In year 1912 he became the dewan of Mysore.


" Its not what we did........ but how we did" , it is the point which has a
influence on the society at the large. Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic Is the premier technical technical institute, the biggest in the South East Asia imparting technical training producing the 'Elements of Technical Fort' to be built safely by our technical elements.

Sir M Vishweshwaraiah

At a Glance of Sri Jayachamarajendra(Govt) Polytechnic

  • To become the best the polytechnic in country imparting value
    added and need based responsive technical education to meet the challenge
    of the liberalization. Privatization and globalization.

  • To attend self sustainability and overall development through
    consultancy research developmental activities.

  • To contribute for positive and productive soci-economic development
    of our nation.

  • To uplift the rural-folk through a community services.

  • To maintain open organization climate and strategic planning to meet
    the expectation of the stake holders.

"Academic excellence our motto"

* 1943

* Shri K. KrishnaMurthy

* over 70 percent of classes with more than 60 student.

* Wonderful envirnoment since it is situated ar the core
of the magnificent city Banglore.
* Peaceful library with all kinds of technical books.

*Beautiful class rooms with well furnishings and other
* Qualified teachers with plenty of experience.

* A wide range of laboratories and available.

  • We are commited to impart quality trining through both formal and
    informal modes of catering to the needs of the industries, business and communities at large and accepting the challengers of globalization, through dedicated services, that are responsive to changes.

  • To impart discipline, dedication and ledership qualities in students
    and make them confident of meeting the challengers and shape them as responsible citizens, with human touch and service motto.

  • To endeavour to maintain gender equity, clean, green and
    conductive environment in the campus.

  • To strive for the development of rural community by means of
    transfer of technology and dedicated training.

Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic

Seshadri Road, KR Circle Near-MS Building, Vidhana Soudha
South India.



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