The New Engineering Course which is a combination of Mechanical Engg, Electronics & Communication Engg, Electrical & Electronics Engg combined together forms a new Engineering course Known as “MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING”.

Mechatronics Engg students are also capable of reaching the targets fixed by the industries to suit their environment and our students are also absorbed during campus interviews, to get into the working environment to suit the industry requirement effectively.

Students admitted to Mechatronics Engg Course are also from Backward Rural Areas, Kannada Medium, and these students complete the course and get into either Engg (B E) or Employment through good, trained, experienced faculty.

This fresh Mechatronics Course started in the year 2006-07. Till date we find that the Mechatronics students are flourishing year by year and choosing higher education’s through Mechanical Engg discipline, Automobile Engg discipline, Industrial Production Engg, Industrial Management discipline, and also Mechatronics Engg discipline. This Mechatronics Engg department is having a large scope for students.