​Alumni ​Association

 Institute has an Alumni Association. The Alumni of the Institute has spread all over India in Industry, Research Organizations, Government Service and other related fields. Also, alumni of the Institute have spread to nearly all countries.

Professional activities All India Textile Association activities are conducted at the Institute

Consultancy activities Textile Faculty are involved as consultants for Govt. agencies -

• Central Silk Board

• Police Department

• Primary and Secondary Education Department​​


Departmental Achievements Students have won Gold and Silver Medals from the Institution of Engineers

​Distinguished Alumni

1. Dr.T.H. SOMASHEKAR-Director [Retd] Central Silk Technology Research Institute

2. Dr.V.SUBRAMANANN, Head [Retd] Textile For procurement of fabric samples Department Anna University, Chennai ,

3. Prof.B.BASAVARAJ, Director [Retd] Department of Technical Education, Bangalore

4. Prof.C.L. BASAVARAJARAJ, Addl. Director [Retd] Department of Technical Education, Bangalore​