COMPACT , the forum for CSE students and abbrevated as COMPUTER ACTIVITIES was started in 2011 with a motto to enhance and inherit technical skills among the students by carrying out activities all through the year. 

The forum is supervised by the designated  CS faculty headed by Dr. T.G. Basvaraju and Mr. Pradeep Kumar. 

IMPULSE , a technical symposium held every year in odd semester mainly in the month of september is the highlight of the forum's activites. It is celebrated for 2 days as a technical fest in the college at a very large scale.

Under the guidance of lecturers and along with the driving force of students , COMPACT  has been very successful in carrying forward the agenda and legacy for which it was formed and we hope it continues like this for the upcoming years too.

Faculty Incharge:

1) Dr. T.G. Basvaraju ( H.O.D. CSE )
2) Mr. Pradeep Kumar ( Assoc. Professor , CSE )

Students Incharge:

1) Karthik BS ( President )
2 )Rashmi N ( Secretrary )
3) Jayant AP ( Forum incharge ) 
4) Sahana ( Vice President )