Powers and Duties of Director , Watershed Development Department


To assist the Commissioner on all technical matters pertaining to Agriculture & Horticulture sectors.

To exercise all such powers delegated from time to time by the Commissioner, Watershed Development Department and by the Govt.

  • Responsible for progress in allotted Watershed Development schemes, accord Administrative and technical sanctions including estimates of Agriculture sector, as per the Delegation of Powers.
  • Planning and Monitoring of preparatory activities, community mobilization, capacity building, plan preparation, approval implementation, monitoring and evaluation of post watershed phase of all schemes entrusted to him.
  • Amending technical contents of land use and crop production programmes of Agriculture sector in the Watershed Development Schemes
  • Suggest suitable cropping pattern and crop Husbandry as well as contingent plans.
  • Keep close liaison with scientists of U.A.S. , Crop specialists and extension wing of the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture specialists, and other Institutions for effective treatment of Watersheds
  • Obtain and ensure timely release of funds from State and centre and their proper utilization, sending of utilization certificates.
  • Monitor all the activities of watershed in all sectors under different schemes and offer guidance for better implementation of the programmes.
  • Ensure integration with other sectors for integrated Watershed Development in the W.D.D.
  • Guide the JDAs & DWDOs as and when required regarding technical matters.
  • Evolve suitable checks controls and regulatory measures for monitoring schemes and programmes.
  • Planning for and arranging for concurrent midterm and final evaluation of schemes / projects entrusted to him.
  • Minimum five field visits per month or as prescribed from time to time.
  • Overseeing the functional aspects of JDA (SCN) and JDA (Agronomy), JD (Admn), JD (Planning) and CAO.
  • Review the Check Measurement of DWDO's.
  • Ensure planning, implementation and monitoring of physical and financial progress of watershed Development Schemes of Districts and of project components entrusted by Commissioner, Watershed Development Department.
  • Any other works entrusted by the Commissioner, Watershed Development Department.
  • Responsible for progress in schemes / components entrusted for which he is in-charge.
  • ​​Ensure timely sanction, release of funds from central and State level to Districts with approval of Commissioner and timely furnishing of utilization certificates to State and Centre in respect of schemes / components for which he is responsible.​