Drought Prone Area Development Programme (DPAP)

  • ​To minimize the adverse effects of drought on the production of crops, livestock and productivity of land, water and human resources with drought proofing techniques. 
  • To promote the over economic development and improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable groups

The programme was first launched by GOI during 1973-74, to address special problems of drought prone areas. Based on the recommendations of Hanumantha Rao committee (1994) the programme has been under implementation on watershed basis since 1995. The allocation for the programme is shared in the ratio of 75:25 between the centre and state. 
During 2005-06 it was planned to develop an area of 68446 hectares with an outlay of Rupees 4321.86 lakhs, against which an area of 34396 hectares was developed by incurring Rupees 1881.50 lakhs.​