Powers and Duties of Stenographers


  • Shall take dictation in shorthand and attend its transcription and attend typing/computer wherever necessary.
  • Attend telephones and maintain call registers, to lodge a complaint for telephone faults to Telephone Dept. In regard to the telephone, wherever they work as a personal staff of the officer, to see that Log Book of vehicles maintained properly and make relevant entries incorporated, that are used by senior officers.
  • Shall maintain the log book register wherever this work is entrusted to him by the head of Office/Department.
  • Shall be responsible to keep a list of daily engagement of the officers, arrange/ organize meetings in consultation with his superior officer..
  • Shall maintain D.O.Letters register, file movement register personal orders and copies of his controlling officers.
  • Shall attend to any work entrusted by the controlling officer/SAD or competent authority.
  • ​Maintain vital statistics of the Watershed Development Department/Sujala Project, shall have Telephone Nos./Addresses of officers of Head Office and other state Govt. Officers.​